NEFRA Championship Show 2018

On November 4th 2018 NEFRA held their breed championship show at Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke-on-Trent.

The judges at this show were (Dogs) Mr H Nelson (Byeways), (Bitches) Mrs J Donnelly (Eskmill) Referee, Junior Handling and Brace Mrs H Fox

  • Best In Show (Dog CC) was awarded to Strudwick’s SH CH DOWNSTREAM FAIR AND SQUARE FOR BURPHAM JW ShCM.
  • Reserve Best In Show (Res Dog CC) was awarded to Holland’s CH CALZEAT CAUSA COMMOTION AT FLATCHARM (IMP)
  • Best Opposite Sex (Bitch CC) was awarded to Malone’s SH CH KISSOCK WEESLEEKIT FOR KIRKBECK JW
  • Reserve Bitch CC was awarded to Curtis’ TALLISTAR MIDNIGHT ISLA
  • Best Puppy was awarded to Bright’s HOPEVALLEY MORNING TWISTER
  • Best Veteran was awarded to Holland’s CH CALZEAT CAUSA COMMOTION AT FLATCHARM (IMP)

Other Results NEFRA Champ Show 2018 Results


Judge’s Critique – Bitches


It was an honour to be asked to judge the bitches again after 5 years earlier I had had to withdraw because of illness. The day was made all the more enjoyable with the help of my most efficient stewards. I was looking for a medium size bitch capable of doing a days work. I found movement still a problem in the breed with too many moving close behind with not enough drive and carrying their tails a little high which spoiled their outline on the move. A few level bites but as one would expect from our lovely breed superb temperaments. I was very pleased with my final line up.

Veteran Bitch 12 (3a)

1st Mrs K & Mr D Joyce Stranfaer Lucy Locket JW 9 years old liked her size, lovely head with kind dark eye and good ear set. Well constructed with good bone and tight feet. Coat in good condition, moved with style. Best Veteran Bitch.

2nd Mrs H C Murray Araminta Glass At Gayplume A little taller than my winner but had a pleasing head with a dark eye. A little longer in the body, good bone with excellent feet. Moved well.

3rd Mr E W Mrs P J & Miss N E Colson Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy To WindyHollows Another of the size I like with a feminine head lovely expression. Well angulated front and rear with a good spring of rib. Not quite as good in feet but moved with drive.

Special Veteran Bitch 5 (1a)

1st Mr & Mrs S Collins Steeplehouse Gift Of Thyme Hard to believe she is 10 years old, medium size and well balanced. Good head with a melting expression, kind dark eye. Pleasing neck and shoulders, close coupled with quality bone and feet. Moved well.

2nd Miss E Curtis Ballyriver Fern At Tallistar A little taller than I prefer and slightly longer in the body than my winner. Good head, dark eye with excellent bone and feet. Very sound on the move.

3rd Mr & Mrs J P Coleman Steeplehouse Inka Thyme At Ravensjais AW(B) See she is a litter sister to my winner not as refined in head, but had a kind dark eye. Moved a little wide in front, carrying a little bit too much weight. Coat in good condition. 

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 

Two very promising puppies headed this class.

1st Miss E Curtis Tallistar Midnight Tango Lovely head with good ear set, kind dark eye. Good neck, shoulders and rear angulation. Size just right. Excellent bone and tight feet. Covered ground well on the move. Won on overall balance. Best Puppy Bitch.

2nd Ms E J & Dr L Walker and Roberts Rainesgift Truth Be Told Very much the same remarks apply as the winner. Lovely puppy with good head, dark eye excellent bone and feet. Correct angulation a shade longer in body than my winner.

3rd Mrs J S Montandon Ashseale Once Upon A Star At Trapestone Another lovely puppy with good head and dark eye. Enough bone, feet need to tighten. Movement let her down.

Puppy Bitch 8 (1a) 

1st Miss E Curtis Tallistar Midnight Tango 

2nd Ms E J & Dr L Walker & Roberts Gloi Dubh Illusion A little taller and longer in the body than my winner, however had a lovely head with dark eye. Moved with drive. Well presented.

3rd Mrs M E Romeo-Dieste Hopevalley Morning Rainbow liked her size again a shade longer in the body and a little steep in upper arm. Excellent bone, and feet. Very heavy coated. Moved well.

Junior Bitch 9 (1a)

3 quality bitches headed this class.

1st Miss L S Jones Caehaidd Lets Go Crazy with Braemist Liked her size and type, well moulded head pleasing expression with kind dark eye, good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Quality bone with a good bend of stifle. Lovely free movement and outline on the move which won her the class.

2nd Mrs S & Mrs G & Mr M Knight-Jacobs Gemswin Land Of Make Believe Good quality dark liver a little lacking in coat. Lovely moulded head and eye. She had excellent bone and feet. Very sound on the move. Just carried her tail a little high.

3rd Mrs G & Mrs A Griffiths-Newton Caehaidd Call Me Crazy with Layasway Litter sister to my winner. Very similar remarks apply. Correct size. Lovely head and eye. She just lacked the drive on the move.

Yearling Bitch 6 (1a)

1st H. M. Watson Rainesgift Heaven Forbid Great balance and style for one so young. Lovely head and dark eyes. Good reach of neck with excellent forechest. Quality bone and feet. Strong quarters which she used to cover the ground well. Beautifully presented and handled. 

2nd Mr P & Mrs J Eggington Pajanbeck Angels On My Side Not the finish or substance of my winner. Classical head, dark eye, enough bone, well laid shoulders. Close coupled, moved well just lacks maturity. 

3rd  Mrs S & Mrs G & Mr M Knight-Jacobs Gemswin Land Of Make Believe

Novice Bitch 8 (4a)

1st Mrs D Brooks Castlerock Shes A Miracle More settled in this class. Liked her size she has a lovely head with a dark eye. Excellent bone and feet. Moved a little close behind and a little proud of her tail. 

2nd Mrs B Reynolds Gemwin Let’s Dance Dark liver with a kind expression good bone and feet. Longer in body than my winner. Moved well. Carried her tail a little high on the move.

3rd Mr & Mrs T J Trevor Trevorsilk Galaxy Aurora The size I like, good head kind eye, a little steep in upper arm, not in the best of coats. Moved ok.

Graduate Bitch 8 (2a) 

1st Mr E W, Mrs P J & N E Colson Blacktoft Frozen In Time By Windyhollows (AI) Well balanced, lovely head , melting expression, good layback of shoulder, excellent feet and bone. Short coupled with a good bend of stifle. Moved with drive. Close decision between 1st and 2nd.

2nd Mr R Ms L Ashcroft & Long Stranfaer Take It Easy To Keepersway Eye catching bitch just a shade longer in body than my winner. Beautifully presented, excelled in forechest and had a good bend of stifle. Moved well. 

3rd Mrs T & Miss C Gale Willowswind Nette Lark JW Loved her size, not as classical in head as first and second. Lovely outline but not in the best of coats today. Covered the ground as one with the handler. 

Post Graduate Bitch 15 (4a)

Some lovely bitches in this class.

1st H. M. Watson Rainesgift Heavens Above Stood out for type consistently produced from this kennel. A credit to her breeder. Ultra sound to go over, lovely head, kind dark eye. Good front, bone and pasterns. Strong quarters that she used to cover the ground well.

2nd Mr B Montandon Trapestone Bohemian Girl Not quite the finish of my winner. However she excelled in head, bone and feet. Very good angulation and spring of rib, with a good bend of stifle. Moved well.

3rd Mr D A Ashcroft Gunoak Solar Wind JW Another quality bitch of the size I like. Beautiful head, good bone and feet. Correct angulation. Moved well. Coat not her best today.

Limit Bitch 15 (6a)

1st Mrs G Griffiths Castlerock Cosmic Hattie Always liked this bitch from the ringside and was not disappointed when going over her. Loved her size, most beautiful of heads with dark kind eyes. Best of front construction with a good spring of rib. Close coupled, excelled in bone and feet. Moved with drive.

2nd Mrs H C Murray Araminta Glass At Gayplume

3rd Mrs J Smith Montegrino Toasted Teacake Lovely moulded head and dark eyes. Excellent bone and feet. Slightly longer in the body, good turn of stifle. Moved well. Beautifully presented.

Open Bitch 13 (3a)

1st  Miss E Curtis Tallistar Midnight Isla Nice size classical bitch, the best of heads correctly moulded . Dark eye with the gentlest expression. Neat ears well set on, well defined brisket. Excellent layback of shoulder, well sprung ribs, short loin leading to muscular well angulated hind quarters. Flowed round the ring. Reserve CC 

2nd H. M Rainesgift Bide Your Time JW Another bitch that just oozes quality pushed hard for first place similar remarks apply. Just felt the winner had the edge on movement today. 

3rd Matthews Ollerset Rainbow A bitch I have always liked but sadly lacking in coat today. Lovely head with melting expression. Dark eye, good bone and feet. Superb construction is reflected in her movement. 

Champion Bitch 4 

Four very worthy Champions all the type I prefer.

1st Mrs C J & Mr L Malone SH CH Kissock Weesleekit For Kirkbeck JW Beautifully balanced just oozes quality, lots to like. Head with the desired moulding flat skull, well filled in below a kind dark eye. Good length and depth of muzzle, correct layback of shoulder, well ribbed lovely short loin. Well muscled hindquarters with well developed second thigh. Quality bone. Ground covering gait which was straight and true which won her the class and the BCC. Best Opposite Sex In Show.

2nd Mr & Mrs D R Bellamy CH. Woodfinch Hydra JW Very feminine so unlucky to meet the winner today, slightly lighter in body all through. Pleasing head with dark eye, good shoulders and rear angulation. Moved well.

3rd Mr & Mrs B Jones SH CH Seaheart Anneliese By Benvellyn Another worthy champion, similar remarks apply. Decided places on movement on the final run as there was so little to choose between them.

Liver Bitch 4 (1a)

1st Mr R F & Miss K M Lutner Telurn Better Believe It Beautifully balanced dark liver, lovely outline showing a good layback of shoulder, deep chest, close coupled with a good bend of stifle and tail set. Moved well

2nd Mrs S & Mrs G & Mr M Knight-Jacobs Gemswin Land of Make Believe 

3rd Mrs B Reynolds Gemswin Let’s Dance

Special Working Bitch 5 (1a)

1st Matthews Ollerset Sparkling Nymph Mature bitch, liked her overall outline and size. Feminine head with kind dark eye. Very good layback of shoulders, deep chest with good spring of rib, short loin into well angulated hindquarters. Excellent bone and feet shown in hard condition, pinned slightly in front on the move. Best Special Working In Show

2nd Mr P & Mrs J Eggington Pajanbeck Georgy Girl Slow to mature still at that awkward stage where everything needs to come together. She has a lovely head and dark eye, good construction which showed in her movement. Sympathetically handled.

3rd Mr R D & Mrs V E Orme Elmstock Thyme To Remember Lovely old lady just a week off being 11, starting to show her age. Feminine head with soft melting expression. Well constructed with good bone. Ever wagging tail.

Special Members Stakes Dog/Bitch 5 (3a)

Judged jointly with Mr H Nelson

1st Miss K L Holland SH CH Brightmoor Caught In The Act At Flatcharm (IMP) One of my favourites, active, powerful with the required raciness. Beautiful moulded head filled in below a dark eye. Excellent conformation. Quality bone leading to well cushioned feet. Free flowing ground covering gait. Very well presented and handled.

2nd Mrs K & Mrs D Joyce SH CH Stranfaer Solitaire JW Another worthy champion although not as mature, very well balanced, correct size with a feminine head and gentle expression. Stylish Mover.

Judge: Jenny Donnelly