Flatcoated Retriever Society’s Health Seminar

Thanks to Cambridge Vet School

NEFRA members visited Cambridge to attend The Flatcoated Retriever Society’s Health Seminar and visit the cancer care unit with expert lectures given on a number of topics geared with flatcoats in mind.

We would like to thank the FRS Health sub-committee and the Cambridge staff for their kind hospitality.

Please could all members spare the time to revisit the health pages of the FRS site where you can read about the Cause of Death Register (for recording ALL flat coated retriever deaths).  You may also download a copy of the health form for reporting various illnesses.

Flatcoats make a splash at Dearnford

Harvest Moon of Casblaidd

Harvest Moon of Casblaidd

Yesterday saw NEFRA members merge at the wonderful venue of Dearnford Lake near Whitchurch. The training day, organised by the working sub committee, was very well attended with five groups of handlers with their dogs. By 4 o’clock our hosts and trainers were thanked, and we all treated to a marvellous barbeque by Charles and Jane Bebbington.

There were professional photographers in attendance all day and they have already started putting some of their photos on their own website where they may be purchased.

Working Line Images – Dearnford

Loss of a Legend

Jim Irvine with ShCh Vbos The Kentuckian (Jet)

The NEFRA committee and members would like to extend their sympathy to the family and friends of Show Champion and Crufts Supreme Champion Vbos The Kentuckian.

Jet meant so much to so many people in the breed, he will be long remembered.

Jet’s entry in Wikipedia

NEFRA Working Display

UnsureNEFRA members were asked to put together a display of working gundogs at the Dearnford Lake Country Fair last week

The display drew a interested audience from the visitors to the fair and they were introduced to the various dogs and handlers and watched as the display described the progress from young dog through to talented open dogs.

A Little More About Lily


Photo courtesy of Alison Broome

Jane Hedge’s bitch Satinbaze Water Lily BegEx. In 2011 she has won the Inca Trophy (NEFRA), the Kysheemy Trophy (FRS) and the Jadzia Trophy (Derby & District DTC).

Lily has got her second Beginner Class win moving her up to work in Novice Class obedience – no mean feat!

2012 is the first year the Inca trophy has been won by a dog competing in obedience.


The events that unfolded during Crufts this year has highlighted the importance of responsible breeding and health considerations in all breeds.

This is a useful link to the Kennel Club’s Website. This site features a 27 minute video ‘Dogs – A Healthy Future’ and their Mate Select Services.

David Showell

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of David Showell (Cleovine).

David passed away suddenly this morning. He was a very kind man who supported many of our events and was highly regarded in the flat-coat world.

We pass on our condolences to his wife Judy, family and friends