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GOdogs Project

GraphicThe University of Cambridge is working on the GOdogs project, investigating the genetics of metabolic disease in dogs. They are currently recruiting Flatcoated Retrievers for their study and hoping we might be able to help.

Recruitment poster

They are investigating the genetics of obesity in dogs, and in particular a change in a gene they identified in Labradors and Flatcoated Retrievers which is associated with them being particularly food-motivated dogs. They are looking to recruit enthusiastic FCR owners to bring their dogs along to Cambridge vet school to take part in a test of their dogs’ metabolic rate. From the dog’s point of view, this involves resting in a transport kennel for a couple of hours but it will allow them to measure how their genes affect metabolic rate and perhaps can predispose them to weight gain.

Understandably the location may be a barrier to NEFRA members participating in the study however, travel expenses and a £50 Amazon voucher is offered as a gratuity to all participants. There are other ways to get involved too – by donating DNA via a saliva swab and posting it to us and by completing an online survey. There’s lots more information on their website

Jodie Wainwright
Research Assistant GOdogs Project
Institute of Metabolic Science
University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories
Level 4, Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science
Box 289, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Cambridge, CB2 0QQ
United Kingdom