NEFRA Working Retriever Certificates

As a part of NEFRA’s committment to helping members train their dogs to high standards we offer the Working Retriever Certificate assessments during our weekend training sessions.

Further information on the assessments can be found here,

Assessment days are anounced on the ‘Forthcoming Events’ section on the home page..  Contact Charlotte Smith, Anne Haley or Sonya Jenkinson if you would like to come. These days are usually :-Novice to start at 10am, and Intermediate to follow on. £7 per dog.


NEFRA Assessment Day at Two Dales August 2011

Various venues have been used for these assessments: all venues must have a suitable body of water from which to assess the dog’s ability to retrieve from or over water.

Venues have included: Farnsfield, Notts.,  Lincoln, Garstang, near Preston, Castle Howard, near York; Two Dales, near Matlock; Whirley, near Macclesfield; Tittensor, near Stoke on Trent, Claughton-on-Brock, near Preston Abbeystead near Lancaster, Alderford Lake, near Whitchurch, Wigan,  Delph, near Oldham, Carburton nr. Worksop and Burton Salmon nr. Ferrybridge.

Assessors have included: Peter Forster, Elaine Whittaker, Caroline Hewison, Val Orme, Den Orme, Chris Hewison, Cherry Wood, Peter Griffin, Gill Griffin, Malcolm Awty, Gill Awty and Garry Ellison.

Intermediate Dogs

Intermediate Certificate Holders (Passed 3 stages):

  • Caroline Hewison & Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd
  • Caroline Hewison & Harvest Moon of Casblaidd
  • Peter Griffin & Eskwinds Chaffinch
  • Chris Hewison & Pepsmark Jetstream at Casblaidd
  • Garry Ellison & Ollerset Sparkling Nymph
  • Gill & Peter Griffin & Eskwinds Drake
  • Caroline Hewison & Venus In Transit over Casblaidd
  • Ken Rees & Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams
  • Garry Ellison & Ollerset Rainbow
  • Peter Griffin & Eskwinds Ebony Jay
  • Caroline Hewison & Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd
  • Gill Awty & Venetian Red at Maddistream
  • Caroline Hewison & Casblaidd Island in the Sky

Passed 1st, 2nd & 3rd Stages (4th yet to complete) – Lewis Holton & Castlerock First Angel
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Keith Aldred & Eskwinds Dare to Dream
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Rachel Holt & Croftcloses Lucrative Boy
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Wendy Battison & Mystical Eclipse of Donascimento
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Julie Matthews & Ollerset Shining Nymph

Passed 1st Stage – Malcolm Awty & Maddistream Purple Lake
Passed 1st Stage – Malcolm Peacock & Rondix Basha
Passed 1st Stage – Colette Greenwood & Tawnywood Jollification
Passed 1st Stage – Val Orme & Elmstock Thyme to Dream
Passed 1st Stage – Stephanie Hurstfield & Stac Polly
Passed 1st Stage – Chris Hewison and Casblaidd Mirror Lake
Passed 1st Stage – Sue Sinnott and Millola Handsome Man
Passed 1st Stage – 
Julie Matthews & Ollersett Black Diamond
Passed 1st Stage – Garry Ellison & Ollersett Black Knight

Novice Dogs

Novice Certificate Holders (Passed 3 stages)

  • Kate Perry’s Blithdale Lesha
  • Kate Perry’s Casanjay Maria
  • Peake’s Casanjay Wild Dancer
  • Chris Hewison’s Casblaidd Ballyderry
  • Julie Matthews’ Eskmill Nymph
  • Peake’s Gilduffe Mourne
  • Townsend’s Rainesgift Reiver
  • Caroline Hewison’s Spenbeck Circle of Life
  • Bernard Perry’s Lakemere Castaway
  • June Brocklesby’s Spenbeck Maggies Dream from Brockslot
  • Marshall’s Torwood Florin
  • Carl Swift’s Torwood Puddleduck
  • Chris Hewison & Pepsmark Jetstream at Casblaidd
  • Caroline Hewison & Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd
  • Caroline Hewison & Harvest Moon of Casblaidd
  • Peter Griffin & Eskwinds Chaffinch
  • Val Orme & Elmstock Thyme to Remember
  • Malcolm Awty & Maddistream Purple Lake
  • Den Orme &  Elmstock Thyme after Thyme
  • Ken Rees & Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams
  • Gill Griffin & Eskinds Drake
  • Gill Awty & Rainbow Queen of Maddistream
  • David Taylor & Wizardwood Celtic Isle (AI)
  • Keith Aldred & Eskwinds Dare to Dream
  • Garry Ellison & Ollerset Sparkling Nymph
  • Rob Ashcroft & Beanit Luka to Keepersway
  • Lorraine Long & Beanit Ned Kelly to Keepersway
  • Caroline Hewison & Venus In Transit over Casblaidd
  • Rachel Holt & Croftcloses Lucrative Boy
  • Val Orme & Elmstock Thyme to Dream
  • Wendy Battison & Mystical Eclipse of Donascimento
  • Elaine Whittaker & Falconcliffe Moondance
  • Malcolm Peacock & Rondix Basha
  • Jamie Lee & Innisbeck Celtic Charm
  • Val Orme & Elmstock Whispering Thyme
  • Carol Dent & Onyxro Cassiopeia for Ollieart
  • David/Rachel Holt & Mystic Image
  • Simon Fitzherbert Brockholes & Midsummer Mustardseed
  • Debbie Smith & Casblaidd Nanticoke
  • Wendy Battison & Donascimento Bebeto
  • Gill Awty & Venetian Red at Maddistream
  • Garry Ellison & Ollerset Rainbow
  • Peter Griffin & Eskwinds Ebony Jay
  • Colette Greenwood & Tawnywood Jollification
  • Julie Matthews & Ollerset Shining Nymph
  • Caroline Hewison & Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd
  • Stephanie Hurstfield & Stac Polly
  • Al Moore & Shiraz Pebble
  • Lisa Jane Mappin & Casblaidd Valdoonican
  • Caroline Hewison & Casblaidd Island in the Sky
  • Sue Sinnott & Millola Handsome Man
  • Cherry Wood & Woodfinch Cherith
  • Chris Hewison and Casblaidd Mirror Lake
  • Charlotte Smith and Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere
  • Garry Ellison & Ollersett Black Knight
  • Anne Haley with Castlerock Return to Sender at Skybrook
  • Mags Brayfield and Keamarola Private Dancer
  • Julie Matthews & Ollersett Black Diamond
  • Mags Brayfield & Contar Skeggles Water
  • Gill Griffin & Ravencrag Illusionist

* denotes a pass under the new scheme

Passed 1st & 2nd Stages Meldorfer Mayflower
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages Casanjay Wiliwaw
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages Steeplehouse Chase
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Barry Walters & Clocktower Nile
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Sheena Wells & Gilduffe Ceili
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Anne Sparkes & Lenyam Martins of Churchwood
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Cherry Wood & Cumberwood Clover
Passed 1st & 2nd Stages – Elaine Whittaker & Suskim Over The Rainbow to Falconcliffe
Passed 1st & 2nd* Stages – Pat Bell & Gowran Hesperis at Pallingforth
Passed 1st* & 2nd* Stages – Jenifer Lawson & Innisbeck Moss
Passed 1st* & 2nd* Stages – Debbie Smith & Donascimeto Carlos
Passed 1st* & 2nd* Stages Al Moore with Sachbash Prince Olly Moore

Passed 1st* & 2nd* Stages – Garry Ellison & Ollersett Shimmering Nymph

Passed 1st Stage A No 3 of Silkmans Castle
Passed 1st Stage A No 13 of Silkmans Castle
Passed 1st Stage Castlerock Wild Mist
Passed 1st Stage Elmstock Midnight Sky
Passed 1st Stage Gayplume Classic Design of Castlerock
Passed 1st Stage Gilduffe Sava
Passed 1st Stage Searovers J’s Willy’s Mighty Mouse
Passed 1st Stage Steelriver Mystic Rythems of Castlerock
Passed 1st Stage Windyhollows Nelly Moser
Passed 1st Stage – Sheena Wells & Gilduffe Shimmy’s Bequest
Passed 1st Stage – Pat Bell & Dark Samurai of Pallingforth
Passed 1st Stage – Nathan Boughen & Blakanis Wyken Pippin
Passed 1st Stage – Chesley Boughen & Echilhampton Guillemot
Passed 1st Stage – Den Orme & Castlerock Northern Sky over Elmstock
Passed 1st Stage – Sandra Rees & Eskwinds Drunk on Moonshine
Passed 1st Stage  – Jennifer Lawson & Ladleys Niall
Passed 1st Stage – Julie Matthews & Astravia Saffron’s Spirit at Ollersett
Passed 1st* Stage – Jacqueline Smith & Montegrino Milky Muzzle
Passed 1st* Stage – Wendy Battison & Donascimento Ramires
Passed 1st* Stage – Jane Calverley & Gwenadillo Helga Geerhart
Passed 1st* Stage – Simon Fitzherbert-Brockholes and Mosstarn Maiden
Passed 1st* Stage – Rochelle Richards & Hopevalley Morning River through Kimberfield.

NEFRA Assessments in Shropshire 9-Nov-2014

Two more handlers were awarded with their novice retriever certificates on today’s assessment day at Dearnford Lake, near Whitchurch. The day was held with the very kind permission of Jane and Charles Bebbington. There were also four further awards for handlers as their dogs passed another of the three stages needed to gain a certificate.

Today after a morning of training 13 members passed an extra stage of the NEFRA Working Retriever Assessments near Matlock with the permission warm hospitality of Elaine & Philip Whittaker.


NEFRA members were very happy to see the presentation of the first ever Intermediate Working Retriever Certificate to our very own Caroline Hewison handling her dog Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd.

Several other dogs were awarded their Novice and Intermediate passes

This followed a very successful day of training and assessments near Stoke-on-Trent made possible by the kind generosity of Mr David Field allowing us to use his training ground.


At today’s training day there were 23 flat-coats being put through their paces with the help of Caroline Hewison, Garry Ellison and Audrey Williams. In the afternoon some of those dogs were assessed in NEFRAs Working Retriever assessments; eight dogs passed their Novice Assessments and five passed their Intermediate Assessments.


Matlock Training Session

Today’s training and assessment session near Matlock saw seven dogs achieving a leg of their NEFRA Novice Working Retriever Certificates