Working Test Winners

6th October 1996
Elaine Whittaker, Sue Rodgers, Bert Stirling and Chris Gwilliam
*Special Puppy Townsend’s Steeplehouse Chipper

9th August 1997
Crathorne – Phil Wagland & David Showell, David Bellamy & Jackie Winder
*Special Puppy Swift’s Torwood Puddleduck
Novice Townsend’s Steeplehouse Chipper
Open Withheld
Novice Dog / Novice Handler Pat Colson’s Windyhollows My Prayer
(Original Report from Wagging Tails)

22nd March 1998
St Helens – Gaynor Bailey, Stan Morgan, Terry Sparkes and John Pilling
Special Puppy Cherry Wood’s Soft Breeze
Novice Mr. K White’s Reed of the Marshes

Open Cherry Wood’s Lawton Julia

8th August 1998
Crathorne – Jennifer Hay & Gordon Hay, Anna Wagland & Peter Forster
*Special Puppy Cherry Wood’s Soft Breeze
Novice Roberson’s Heatherbank Chief at Warpersmoss
Open Cherry Wood’s Moatwood Prisma

20th March 1999
St Helens – Brian Holmes, Pat Robertson, Sally Collins & Terry Bailey
Special Puppy Sparkes’ Gorgeous Lady of Churchwood
Novice Mrs A Williams’ Gaewill Sunshine
Open Mrs Val Orme’s Hartshead Blaisden Ebony of Elmstock

14th August 1999
Crathorne – Gordon Cripps, Harry Stangoe, Roz Townsend & Howard Brown
*Special Puppy Mr J Lewins’ Torwood Mannerly
Novice Mr A Harkin’s Fenstorm Lucky Dip
Open Mr Steve Burn’s Field Maple

18th March 2000
St Helens
Special Puppy White’s Weinbridge Argo
Novice Wood’s Soft Breeze
Open Robertson’s Heatherbank Chief at Warpersmoss

12th August 2000
Weston Park – Mr J White, Mrs F White & Cherry Wood
*Special Puppy Egginton’s Pajanbeck Born Free
Novice Mrs Dorothy Brook’s Gilduffe Fane of Castlerock
Open Saunders’ Coalport Celtic Charmer of Roaninish

18th March 2001
Farnsfield – Arthur Hewer, Eileen Dudley & Anne Sparkes
test cancelled due to foot and mouth disease

5th August 2001
Farnsfield – Anne Sparkes & Paul Egginton
Special Puppy Brooks’ Castlerock Aria Force
Novice Withheld
Intermediate Withheld

23rd September 2001
Cold Game Test

13th April 2002
Farnsfield – Margaret Rowson & Elaine Whittaker
Special Puppy Perry’s Casanjay Williwaw
Novice Mrs.J.Hewison Casblaidd Don’t Pay the Ferryman

10th August 2002
Crathorne, Yarm – Steve Crookes & Ann Crookes
*Special Puppy Seidemann & Bellamy’s Carpet Flyer’s Champion No. 3 of Silkman’s Castle
Novice withheld
Open Robb’s Rehyrb Ithica

6th October 2002
Cold Game Test

5th April 2003
Coventry Farm, Garstang – Derek Capel & Fran Robb
Special Puppy Ellison’s Blackflight Arrietta 
Novice Wood’s Cumberwood Cracka 
Open Wood’s Lawton Julia

7th September 2003
Farnsfield – John Greeves & Jackie Winder
*Special Puppy Ellison’s Blackflight Arrietta
Novice Caroline Hewison’s Spenbeck Circle of Life
Open Heywood’s Sumaha Shadow Dancer at Houndswood

19th October 2003
Lincoln – Guy Radford, Malcolm Peacock & Elaine Whittaker
Cold Game Test

20th March 2004
Monkwood Shoot, Barlow Sheffield – Peter Forster & Penny Easy
Special Puppy Ellison’s Blackflight Arrietta
Novice Seidemann & Bellamy’s Carpet Flyer’s Champion No. 3 of Silkmans Castle (Imp Ger)
Intermediate Newton’s Lyneholme Hoopoe

29th August 2004
Farnsfield – Warren Jones & Casper Johnson
Special Puppy Wells’ Gilduffe Sinead
Novice Matthews’ Eskmill Nymph
Intermediate Matthews’ Eskmill Nymph

10th October 2004
Lincoln – Alan Richardson & Malcolm Peacock
Cold Game Test Seidemann’s A No. 13 of Silkman’s Castle

10th April 2005
Wood Hall Hotel & Spa, Wetherby – Robert Smalley & Brian Gurney
Novice Mr. G. Ellison Blackflight Arrietta
Open Mr.M.Peacock Wheatmill Gideon

11th September 2005
Farnsfield – Mr Philip Smithies Mrs Pam Illingworth
*Special Puppy Newton’s Croftgun Imperial
Novice Fox’s Blacktoft Contradiction
Open Montandon’s Waverton Chianti

9th October 2005
Lincoln – Pat Robertson & Fred Newton
Novice Cold Game Test Brocklesby’s Spenbeck Maggie’s Dream from Brockslot

9th April 2006
Wood Hall Hotel – John Stewart & Andy Kinta
Special Puppy Bell’s Dark Samurai
Novice Griffin’s Eskwinds Black Moss
Open Newton’s Lynholme Hoopoe

10th September 2006
Farnsfield – David Benson & Francesca Prentice
*Special Puppy Jones’ Vortex Storm
Novice Orme’s Elmstock Whispering Thyme

8th October 2006
Lincoln – Paul Egginton & Garry Ellison
Novice Cold Game Test – withheld

22nd April 2007
Wood Hall Hotel – Janet Allsop & Brian Shepherd
Special Puppy Bickerstaffe’s Gaewill Green Bullet
Novice – withheld
Open – Griffin’s Eskwinds Black Moss

9th September 2007
Foremark – cancelled

14th October 2007
Lincoln – Gillian Stewart & Cherry Wood
Novice Cold Game Test – Whittaker’s Torwood Just in Case for Falconcliffe

20th April 2008
Wood Hall Hotel – John Lees, Sally Collins & Garry Ellison
Special Puppy Showell’s Gala Law by Cleovine
Novice – Griffin’s Eskwinds Admiral
Open – Wood’s Cumberwood Cracka

21st September 2008
Foremark, Repton – David Field & Peter Forster
Special Puppy Hewison’s Casblaidd Little Archer
Novice – Awty’s Rainbow Queen of Maddistream
Open – Wood’s Cumberwood Cracka

19th October 2008
Lincoln – Cold Game Test – cancelled

17th May 2009
Wood Hall Hotel – Steve Crookes & Alan Richardson
Special Puppy – Orme’s – Elmstock Thyme to Remember
Novice – Bell’s – Dark Samurai
Open – Brook’s – Culmquill It’s A Lovely Day JW

19th September 2009
Barlow, near Chesterfield – Godfrey Lowe & Malc Smith
Special Puppy – Showell’s Heathlymn Flicker By Cleovine
Novice – Winder’s Wingthors Charming Miss at Windstock
Open – Ellison’s Blackflight Arrietta

22nd October 2009
Two Dales – Gillian Stewart
Informal Cold Game Training Test – Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

27nd March 2010
Wood Hall Hotel – Arthur Hewer, Elaine Whittaker & Peter Forster
Special Puppy – Heywood’s Houndswood Maple
Novice – Griffin’s – Eskwinds Chaffinch
Open – Heywood’s Trioaks Mouse at Houndswood

5th September 2010

12th September 2010
Wormhill, Buxton – Dave Field, Jane Fairclough & Bob Davies
Special Puppy – Jones’ Maddistream Opera Rose
Judge’s Choice – Lawson’s – Ladyleys Niall
Novice – Rees’ –Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams
Judge’s Choice – Aldred’s – Eskwinds Chloe’s Boy
Open – Hewison’s – Harvest Moon of Casblaidd
Judge’s Choice – Awty’s – Rainbow Queen of Maddistream

14th May 2011
Two Dales, Matlock – Mick Newsome & Casper Jonsen
Special Puppy – Hewison’s Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
Novice – Griffin’s – Eskwinds Chaffinch
Open – Awty’s – Rainbow Queen of Maddistream

24th September 2011
Castle Howard – Philip Smithies, Sue Lowe & Brian Holmes
*Special Puppy – Franzen’s Skattkammarens Hairy Mary
Novice Dog/Novice Handler – Orme’s – Elmstock Thyme after Thyme
Novice & Judge’s Choice – Aldred’s – Eskwinds Chloe’s Boy
Open – Hewison’s – Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

16th October, 2011
King Sterndale, Buxton
Cold Game Test – Hewison’s –Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

15th April, 2012
Wood Hall Hotel – Alan Schofield, David Bellamy, Eileen Whittington & Simon Tucker
Special Puppy – Aldred’s – Eskwinds Dare to Dream
Novice Dog/Novice Handler – Harding’s – Valentine Volturnus
Novice – Boughen’s – Littlehill Keegan
Open – Sparkes’ – Lenyam Martins of Churchwood

22nd September, 2012
Hesketh Bank – Peter Spencer, Pat Robertson, Karen Powell & Garry Ellison
Special Puppy – Malcolm Peacock’s – Rondix Basha
Novice Dog/Novice Handler – Rachel Holt’s – Mystic Image
Novice – Keith Aldred’s – Eskwinds Dare to Dream
Open – Caroline Hewison’s – Harvest Moon of Casblaidd

14th October, 2012
Intake Head, Delph, nr Oldham – Pam Illingworth & Trefor Richards
Cold Game Test – Chesley Boughen’s – Echilhampton Guillemot

14th April, 2013
Wood Hall Hotel – Gordon Hodgson, Warren Jones, Elaine Whittaker, Cherry Wood
Special Puppy – Gill Awty’s – Venetian Red at Maddistream
Novice Dog/Novice Handler – John Grainger’s – Eskwinds Dixie Darling
Novice – Malcolm Awty’s – Maddistream Purple Lake
Open – Gill Awty’s – Rainbow Queen of Maddistream

21st September 2013
Castle Howard – Arthur Hewer,Casper Jonsen, Theresa Jonsen & Val Orme
Special Puppy – Caroline Hewison’s – Venus in Transit over Casblaidd
Novice Dog/Novice Handler – Carol Dent’s – Onyxro Cassiopeia for Ollieart
Novice – Malcolm Peacock’s – Rondix Basha
Open – Peter Griffin’s – Eskwinds Chaffinch

13th October, 2013
Llawr Y Pant Hall, Selattyn, Oswestry – Glenys Caldwell & Paul Egginton
Cold Game Test – Caroline Hewison’s – Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

13th April, 2014
Wood Hall Hotel & Spa Wetherby – Mrs Jennifer Hay, Mr Gordon Hay, Mr Peter Griffin and Mr Den Orme
Special Puppy Mrs Gill Awty with Venetian Red at Maddistream
Novice Dog / Novice Handler Mrs Christine Spalding with Tallistar Midnight Skye
Novice Mr Chris Hewison with Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
Open Mr Garry Ellison with Ollerset Sparkling Nymph

20th September 2014
Claughton-on-Brock, Garstang – Mrs Gaynor Bailey, Mr Jeremy Hunt, Dr Malcom Awty & Mrs Gill Awty
Puppy Keith Aldred’s – Donascimento Santos
Novice Dog / Novice Handler Linda Howson’s – Lone Lassie of the Wood at Devonbank
Novice Colum McCaffery’s – Donascimento Edson
Open Caroline Hewison’s – Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

12th April, 2015
Wood Hall Hotel & Spa Wetherby – Mr D Haycock, Cherry Wood & Chris Hewison
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Tom Backhouse – Mosstarn Mystic
Novice Casper Jonsen with Donascimento Peres
Open Gill Awty with Venetian Red at Maddistream

19th September 2015
Stapleton, Shropshire – Mrs Kate Smith, Mrs Jennie Menage and Mr Warren Jones
Puppy Eskwinds Ebony Jay handled by Peter Griffin
Novice Donascimento Santos, handled by Keith Aldred
Open Venetian Red at Maddistream, handled by Gill Awty

17th April 2016
Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire – Phil Wagland, Anna Wagland and Paul Birkbeck
Puppy Andy Sweeney with Portledge Belle Amy of Wolfwhistle
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Jenny Jones with Yonsaff Summer Sky
Novice Gill Griffin with Eskwinds Drake
Open Garry Ellison with Ollerset Sparkling Nymph

25th September 2016
– Mr Philip Smithies, Mr Paul Dixon & Mr Jeremy Hunt
Puppy Sue Sinnott Millola Handsome Man
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Rose Barker Mahinda Sweet Bay
Novice and Judges Choice Pat Bell Gowran Hesperis at Pallingforth
Open and Judges Choice Caroline Hewison Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

1st April 2017
Hesketh Bank – Alan Fryer (A Panel), Steve Burns and Caroline Hewison
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Sue Sinnott Millola Handsome Man
Open Gill Awty with Venetian Red at Maddistream

24th September 2017
Stapleton, ShropshireMike Allen, Garry Ellison & Gill Griffin
Puppy Rachel Pierce Clocktower Amber
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Derek Bull Keepersway Alana
Novice Peter Griffin Eskwinds Ebony Jay
Open Caroline Hewison Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

8th April 2018
Wellbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire – Alan Richardson, Malcolm Peacock, Harvey Richardson
Puppy Jan Egginton and Pajanbeck Georgy Girl
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Dave Locking with Blakanis Wyken Pippin
Novice Caroline Hewison and Venus in Transit Over Casblaidd
Intermediate Suzi Price and Ruddleberry Songbird

30th September 2018
Castle Howard Estate
– Mick Newsam, Yvonne Storr & Cath Kitching.
Puppy Caroline Hewison and Casblaidd Island in the Sky
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Amber Nicholls with Featheringay Raven Prince
Novice Derek Bull and Keepersway Alana
Open Gill Awty and Venetian Red at Maddistream

6th April 2019
Belvoir Castle Estate – Dan Higgs, Sharon Kitson, Elaine Whittaker & Pat Bell
Steve Ashby with Hwarthow Archer of the Moors at Tunnelwood
Novice Dog/Novice Handler No awards made
NoviceAmber Nicholls with Featheringay Raven Prince
Open Gill Awty with Venetian Red at Maddistream

22nd September 2019
Stapleton, Shropshire – Glenys Caldwell, Jennie Ménage, Wendy Manning & Anne Sparkes
Sue Rodgers with Wolfthistle Mr Miracle
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Lisa-Jane Mappin with Casblaidd Valdoonican
Novice Hilary Rosser with Mahinda Pompoko
Open Garry Ellison and Ollersett Sparkling Nymph

2020 – events cancelled – COVID-19

Castle Howard Estate – Mr Philip Smithies, Garry Ellison, Casper Jonsen and Theresa Jonsen
Puppy  Sue Rodgers with Signy Never Touching Ground (IMP CZE) TAF
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Anne Haley with Castlerock Return to Sender at Skybrook
Open Caroline Hewison with Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd

10th April 2022
Welbeck, Notts
– Garry Ellison and Gill Awty
Puppy Sue Rodgers Signy Never Touching Ground (Imp Che)
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Sonya Jenkinson Skybrook Rock Me

8th May 2022
Newstead, Notts – Steve Crookes, Anne Crookes & Elaine Whittaker
Open Gill Awty with Venetian Red at Maddistream

27th August 2022
Roanlodge Gundog Training Centre, Leek – Malcolm Peacock, Audrey Ellis and Phil Robinson
Puppy Sue Rodgers with Signy Never Touching Ground (IMP CZE)
Veteran Caroline Hewison with Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd
Novice Caroline Hewison with Casblaidd Island in the Sky

7th May 2023
Roanlodge Gundog Training Centre, Buxton – David Bellamy, Warren Jones and Alan Richardson.
Puppy Andy Sweeney with Wolfthistle Clementine
Intermediate Garry Ellison with Ollersett Shimmering Nymph

1st October 2023
Haddon Hall, Bakewell – Sue Hales-Lowe, Steve Burns, Guy Radford and Pat Bell
Puppy Reece Merry with Swantonwood Black Bramble
Novice Anne Kitching with Selloana Callisto Nymph
Open Andrew Sweeney with Maddistream Black Powder Of Wolfthistle