Open Show Winners

16th November 1996
JUDGES Joan Maude (Gunmakers) and Pat Appleyard (Uskelf)
BIS Watson’s Kentee Innes

4th May 1997 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
JUDGES DOGS Mr Reid Flowers (Fenrivers) BITCHES Miss Fiona McKinlay (Colona)
BIS Hughes’ Heronsflight Haste

16th November 1997
JUDGES Miss Becky Johnson (Downstream) & Mrs Patsy Hollings (Gunalt)
BIS Egginton’s Riversflight Marling to Pajanbeck

3rd May 1998 Worsall, North Yorks
JUDGES DOGS Mary Ward (Parsifal) BITCHES Mike Hughes (Candese)
BIS Allen’s Clowbeck Black Drake at Darillens

15th November 1998 Normanton, Wakefield
JUDGE DOGS Mr Christian Søndergaard (Kennel Pearly Coat, Denmark) BITCHES Mrs Glenys Gwilliam (Varingo)
BIS Jury’s Heronsflight Herald to Torwood

1st May 1999 Newstead Miner’s Welfare Club, nr. Nottingham
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Liz Geoghegan (Fenfleet) BITCHES Mr G Nicohls (Weaverdale)
BIS Branston’s Cleovine Irish Lace at Delaneige

7th November 1999 Normanton, Wakefield
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Karen Joyce (Stranfaer) BITCHES Mr Chris Atkinson (Segantii)
BIS Townsend’s Steeplehouse Chipper

6th May 2000 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Pat White (Kysheemy) BITCHES Miss Julie Condron (Hofwarth)
BIS Colson’s Windyhollows Nelly Moser JW

5th November 2000 Kirk Deighton, Wetherby
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Anne Brook (Culmquill) BITCHES Mrs Kathleen Jubb (Katzenjammer)
BIS Colson’s Windyhollows Tumbling Ted

6th May 2001 – Low Hesket, Carlisle – show cancelled due to foot and mouth disease

4th November 2001 Staveley, Chesterfield
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Leonie Galdermans (Swallowsflight, Holland) BITCHES Miss Sue Pingree (Heatheridge)
BIS Ashcroft and Long’s Steeplehouse Gamekeeper

5th May 2002 Kirk Deighton, Wetherby
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Jose Baddeley (Lourdace) BITCHES Mrs Val Orme (Elmstock)
BIS Geoghegan’s Hightarn Rambler by Fenfleet

3rd November 2002 Myerscough, Preston
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Pauline Cole (Kysheemy) BITCHES Mr Keith Young (Pyngold)
BIS Geoghegan’s Eskmill Ovation for Fenfleet JW

5th May 2003 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
JUDGE DOGS Miss N Colson (Windyhollows) BITCHES Mrs S De Robbio (Spera)
BIS Martin’s Telsmoss Love Projector

2nd November 2003 Speedwell Rooms, Chesterfield
JUDGE DOGS Mrs R Townsend BITCHES Mr Joseph Joller (Schauensee)
BIS Barnett’s Steeplehouse Tess

9th May 2004 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
JUDGES DOGS Mr H Nelson (Byeways) BITCHES Mr G Roberts (Hartshead)
BIS Romeo-Dieste’s Goldingale My Choise for Hopevalley

7th November 2004 Kirk Deighton Community Centre, Wetherby
JUDGE DOGS Mr A Perry (Melmand) BITCHES Mr J Thirlwell (Ferndel)
BIS Lane’s Ch Almanza Thank God It’s Friday of Kulawand

8th May 2005 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
JUDGE DOGS Mrs J Ryder (Jaskar) BITCHES Mr M Rees (Tyndale)
BIS Burroughs’ Elmstock Midnight Legend at Rokaness

6th November 2005 mypetstop, Tingley
JUDGE DOGS Mrs Theresa Jonsen (Misticmaker) BITCHES Mrs Delrae Shelley
BIS Showell’s Yonsaff Rambler for Cleovine JW

7th May 2006 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
DOGS Mrs A Danabie (Linfernidh) BITCHES Mrs V Stucke (Pennyfelis)
BIS Fox’s Wistosa Sings the Blues to Blacktoft

5th November 2006 mypetstop, Tingley
DOGS Mr A Ryder (Jaskar) BITCHES Mrs S Collins (Steeplehouse)
BIS Strudwick’s Branchalwood Aylanmoor for Burpham JW

6th May 2007 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
DOGS Mr Ronnie Ross (Islstrom) BITCHES Mrs Jane Jones (Benvellyn)
BIS Griffiths’ Castlerock Magic Star

4th November 2007 mypetstop, Tingley
DOGS Mrs Elaine Whittaker (Falconcliffe) BITCHES Mr Jim Richardson (Darrochonna)
BIS Stibbe Willis’ Madison Wild Indigo JW

11th May 2008 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
DOGS Mr Rob Ashcroft (Keepersway) BITCHES Mr Chris Bexon (Onofield)
BIS Hargreaves’ Strollers Gift to Forgeway JW

10th May 2009 Woodford Community Centre, Stockport
Mrs Beth Hills (Lindisfarne)
BIS Warrington’s Woodavens Water Soldier JW

9th May 2010 Woodford Community Centre , Stockport
Mrs Pam Lynott (Avening)
BIS Hall’s Blacktoft I’m No Angel for Ghilgrange

13th May 2012 Chelford Village Hall, Macclesfield
Mrs Sharron Enticknap (Tessera)
BIS Warrington’s Woodavens Water Archer JW

5th May 2013 Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Nr. Selby
Miss Kelly Holland (Flatcharm)

9th May 2015 Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Nr. Selby
Mrs Anne Bishop (Lyneholme)

8th May 2016 Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Nr. Selby
Mr Alex Laird (Daicheil)

5th May 2018 Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Nr. Selby
Mr R F Douglas (Greenbayhill)
BIS Orme’s Elmstock Thyme to Dream

5th May 2019 Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Nr. Selby

JUDGE Miss Maria Leach (Kissock)
BIS Walker’s Lizzlog Annie Get Your Gun JW

7th May 2022 Hayes Farm, Newstead, Nottingham
JUDGE Mrs Ros Tierling (Karaholme)
BIS Hewison’s Casblaidd Island In The Sky SGWC KCWGC

7th May 2023 Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Nr. Selby
JUDGE Miss Caroline J Chambers (Hototo)
BIS Colson’s Blacktoft Frozen In Time By Windyhollows (AI)

6th May 2024 Auction Mart, York,
JUDGE Miss Abby Bellamy (Moontorn)
BIS Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Wicked