NEFRA Open Show 2nd November 2003

The Association held its 15th open show on 2nd November 2003 at Speedwell Rooms, Staveley, Chesterfield.. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to all those who achieved success in their classes.

DOGS Mrs Roz Townsend BITCHES Mr Joseph F Joller (Switzerland) REFEREE & JUNIOR HANDLING Mr David Bellamy

Best In Show was awarded to Barnett’s Steeplehouse Tess (REFEREE)
Reserve Best In Show went to Moor’s Clowbeck What a Cracker
Best Puppy went to Well’s Gilduffe Sinead
Best Veteran went to Barnett’s Steeplehouse Tess
Best Liver went to Colson’s Windyhollows Tumbling Ted


Minor Puppy 8 (1 Abs) – 1st Showell’s Yonsaff Rambler for Cleovine

Puppy 8 (2Abs) 1st Heath’s Eskwinds Best Kept Secret (BPD)

Junior 11 (5 Abs) 1st Coddington’s Bracsan Dancing Mystery

Special Yearling 10 (4 Abs) 1st Bellamy’s Lathkill Valid Vampire

Novice 10 (4 Abs) 1st Clark’s Stranfaer Liberator

Graduate 11 (3 Abs) 1st Coddington’s Harrendon Morse

Post Graduate 9 (2 Abs) 1st Burrough’s Elmstock Midnight Legend at Rokaness

Limit 6 (1 Abs) 1st  Shelley’s Castlerock Scandale Beck

Open 9 (1 Abs) 1st Moor’s Clowbeck What a Cracker (BD)

Veteran 6 (2 Abs) 1st Goodman’s Riversflight Neath of Beanit (RBD)

Special Liver 2 1st Colson’s Windyhollows Tumbling Ted (BLIS)


Minor Puppy 8 (2 Abs) – 1st Goodman’s Rainesgift Serendipity at Beanit

Puppy 9 (2 Abs) 1st Wells’ Gilduffe Sinead (BP)

Junior 12 1st Fox’s Blacktoft Jazz After Dark

Special Yearling 13 (1 Abs) 1st Fox’s Blacktoft Jazz After Dark

Novice 12 (1 Abs) 1st Chapman’s Walnutfarm Blackberry

Graduate 12 (1 Abs) 1st Brook’s Gayplume Classic Design at Castlerock

Post Graduate  8 (2 Abs) 1st Coleman’s Shiredale Persusion

Limit 10 (5 Abs) 1st Watson’s Rainy Days and Sunday

Open 10 (2 Abs) 1st Egginton’s Pajanbeck Born Free (RBB)

Veteran 14 (3 Abs) 1st Barnett’s Steeplehouse Tess (BV BB BIS)

Special Liver 2 1st Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tweed