Good Citizen Testing Day

NEFRA held a KC Good Citizen Testing Day on Saturday 23rd March at a venue in Fritchley, Derbyshire

Fueled by coffee and cake, participants, both members, and non-members alike, engaged in bronze and silver assessments on the grounds provided by Paula Goulette. It’s worth noting that the cake and coffee served surpassed even NEFRA’s high standards, adding an extra touch of enjoyment to the proceedings.

Our assessor for the day was Helen Chambers.

Dogs that passed the bronze assessment were Amanda with ‘Lincoln’, Amanda with ‘Delorian’, Paula with ‘Merlin’, Margaret with ‘Sam’ and Lindsay with ‘Cosmo’

Dogs that passed the silver assessment were Claire with ‘Tilly’, Frances with ‘Skye’, Hilary with ‘Bryn’, Caroline with ‘Linnhe’ and Michelle with ‘Walter’

Many thanks to all who helped make this day a success. Congratulations on all the handlers and their dogs for their richly deserved successes.