Working Test 18th March 2000

Our March working test was held at St Helens for puppy, novice and open.


1st Miss M White’s Weinbridge Argo
2nd Mr S Burns’ Blackthorn of Hardybank
3rd Mrs J Egginton’s Pajanbeck Prince of Theives
4th Mrs M Ward’s Parsifal Picture


1st Mrs Cherry Wood – Soft Breeze
2nd  Miss N Colson’s Brave Bassanio of Windyhollows
3rd Mr P Egginton’s Windyhollows Skylark to Pajanbeck
4th Mrs P Colson’s Windyhollows My Prayer
COM Mr B Jones Tornado Tom of Benvellyn


1st Mrs P Robertson- Heatherbank Chief of Warpersmoss
2nd Miss N Colson – Windyhollows My Prayer
3rd Mr P Forster – Wizardwood Tawny Tamarind
4th Miss N Colson – Brave Bassanio of Windyhollows