Ceilidh Cup

The Ceilidh Cup
The Ceilidh Cup

Awarded annually to the Best Working Dog based on a points system.

Named after the keeper, Malcolm Pickard’s first flat-coat and donated by the WOOD HALL COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL & SPA

The points for the trophy are be counted from February 21st to the following February 20th to allow all working tests and the shooting season to be over.

Lists of qualifying tests with picking up certificates need to be submitted to the Working Secretary no later than 1st March.

This is an award for the dog not the handler therefore one handler can enter many dogs if they qualify. The dog can be handled by different people at different tests or days, as said before it is the dogs performance which gains the points.

To qualify for the award a dog will have had to spend four days out in the field either picking up or working with game. A certificate will need to be signed and dated by the keeper or captain of the shoot to this effect.

For NEFRA members only. Must have been a member for the whole of the year in which claiming points.

Claim Form 2023-24

Points System

Picking up Points
One day picking up
(dog must be out for a number of drives – minimum three drives)
One day rough shooting
(at least 2 people attending) (maximum of 15 points for the year)
Dogging in no longer qualifies for any points.
Field Trials Points1st2nd3rd4thCOM
Open 2 day Field Trial250240230220200
Open 1 day Field Trial200190180170150
All Aged Field Trial150140130120100
Novice Field Trial125115110105100
For AV trials – add 50% of the placement eg Open 2 day 1st place will be 250 + 125 = 375 points
Working Tests Points1st2nd3rd4thCOM
All Aged / Intermediate9080706050
Novice / Veteran7565554540
For AV tests – add 50% of the placement eg Open AV test 1st place will be 100 + 50 = 150 points

Winners of the Ceilidh Cup:

2023-24 Sweeney’s Maddistream Black Powder of Wolfthistle

Sweeney’s Maddistream Black Powder of Wolfthistle

2022-23 No Nominations
Lawson’s Donascimento Aldair

Donascimento Aldair

2019-20 Battison’s Donascimento Ramires
Battison’s Donascimento Ramires
Battison’s Donascimento Ramires

Donascimento Ramires
Donascimento Ramires

2016-17 Battison’s Donascimento Bebeto
Battison’s Donascimento Bebeto

Wendy Battison and Donascimento Bebeto

2014-15 Battison’s Donascimento Bebeto
2013-14 Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

2012-13 Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd
2011-12 Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd
2010-11 Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd
2009-10 Hewison’s Casblaidd Little Archer
2008-09 Hewison’s Milsteadx Red Squaw of Casblaidd
2007-08 Hewison’s Casblaidd Emotion
2006-07 Newton’s Croftgun Imperial