Inca Trophy Winners

The Inca Trophy

The Inca Trophy

In memory of Jane Hedges dog ‘Inca’ (Roseberri Queen CDEx), this trophy is presented annually to the flatcoated retriever gaining the most points through the year in working trials, obedience, agility, flyball, heelwork to music and rally-obedience.

Points can be either in one discipline or in a combination of disciplines. Points to be gained at Championship, Open or Limited Kennel Club licensed events from Jan 1st – Dec 31st. Points must be submitted by 1st March.

The trophy is presented at the AGM and is open to flatcoated retrievers owner by paid up NEFRA members.

Download the claim form here Inca Trophy claim form 19-20

Winners of the Inca Trophy

2019 Hewison’s Casblaidd Mirror Lake
Harley’s Arrowhill Aurora
No submissions
Hedges’ Blacktoft Quickstep of Satinbaze
Green’s Lakemere Man after Midnight RL5.Ex
2014 Round’s Pebblebed Rainbow Chaser BegEx
2013 Collins’ Steeplehouse Gift of Thyme
2012 Perry’s Casanjay Brown Eyed Girl

Perry's Casanjay Brown Eyed Girl

Perry’s Casanjay Brown Eyed Girl

2011 Hedge’s Satinbaze Water Lily BegEx
2010 Grayson’s Blakanis Harriets a Flyer AW (S)
2009 Grayson’s Clocktower Damsons Rosa of Blakanis AW(G)
2008 Grayson’s Clocktower Damsons Rosa of Blakanis AW(S)
2006 Grayson’s Clocktower Damson Rosa
2005 Hedge’s Trevorsilk Indian Queen CDex