The Nellspeace Plate

The Nellspeace Plate has been very kindly presented to NEFRA by the Hammersley family in memory of Maggie. Maggie loved and enjoyed her gundog training, so it is only fitting that this trophy will be awarded each year to the most improved / most deserving gundog handler. 

The Hammersley Family presenting the Nellspeace plate to NEFRA at the 2022 Championship Show

The plate was beautifully designed by Maria Heskins, and will be awarded to the handler and dog partnership making most progress at the training classes, assessments and working tests during the year, and has taken on board advice they have been given, and put in the time and commitment into working their dog.

2023 – Helen Fox
2022 – Sonya Jenkinson

Sonya Jenkinson pictured here at the 2023 AGM with Caroline Hewison (Working Secretary) and Steve Hammersley