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Kate Perry’s Bebe ( Casanjay Browneyed Girl AW(B) – Agility Warrant(Bronze) )

22/02/2014 Adams Agility Large graded 1 – 3 agility 9th
Also 2 more clears

18/04/2014 Adams Agility Large combined 1 -3 agility 20th Large graded 1 -4 jumping 13th
Also 3 more clears

30/05/2014 Pads Agility Large grade 3 agility 6th /62
Also 4 clears

16/07/2014 Adams Agility Large combined 1 -3 Agility 5th Large graded1 -4 Jumping  2nd
Large grade 3 Agility 9th Large graded 1 -4 Jumping 11th Large graded 3-5 Agility 1st
Also 3 more clears.

Her 1st place (the only clear run out of 40 dogs in grade 3 )means that she has now won into grade 4

‘Flic’ (Innisbeck Celtic Charm) obtained her Flatcoated Retriever Society ‘Shooting Dog Certificate’ at the Long Whatton Estate handled by Jamie Lee.
The ‘A’ panel judge was Mr D Capel who was assisted by Mr J Kahlow.
For more information on dogs who have obtained this qualification please see the FRS website link

30-Dec-2012 Kate Perry’s ‘Bebe’ (Casanjay Browneyed Girl) competed at her last KC show of the year – Adams Agility showat Rodbaston in Penkridge Staffs.
She ran her fastest agility time ever (just over 24 secs) but had 5 faults from missing an ‘up’ contact however in a jumping class she was amazing, running clear in 21.5 secs and coming 4th in a class of 99

Doreen Wright has won the Pre Beginners class at Reedyford Open Obedience show held at Myerscough Equestrian Centre today. This moves her up to work in Beginners. In a class of 24 Doreen and Kess (Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW ShCM) were worthy winners

25th- Sept-2012
More great news from Kate Perry, her bitch ‘Bebe’ has now moved even higher through the agility ranks into grade 3 having won two agility classes at Dashin Dogs Agility at Shrewsbury over the weekend. Bebe also won a Jumping class at the same event.

28th- Aug-2012
News from Kate Perry, her bitch ‘Bebe’ (Casanjay Browneyed Girl) has been busy again and has now moved into grade 2 having won two agility classes at TAG Agility last week. This is on top of a fair number of recent awards for Kate with Bebe, these are listed below:

Golden Valley on 16/06/2012 Combined Agility grade 1-2 14th
Wirral Alsatian Training Society on 14 -15/07/2012 Combined G1-2 agility 5th; Graded G1-2 Agility 5th; Combined Agility G1-2 11th
Adams Agility on 10-12/08/2012 Graded Jumping G1-2 2nd; Combined Agility G1-3 11th; Combined G1-2 Agility 2nd
TAG Agility on 17-23/08/2012 Graded G1-3 Jumping 2nd; Graded G1-3 Agility 3rd; Graded G1-3 Agility 1st;  Graded G1-3 Agility 1st

At Newton Heath Obedience Show there were three flat coats in the ABC (Anything But Collie) Obedience Finals.
This competition is based on motivation. Serena Green’s dog  Hertarn’s Dr Pepper ShCM “Keeper” won and Flatcoats were placed third and fifth too (these dogs were handled by Sally Collins and Jane Hedges Satinbaze Water Lily BegEx).
This competition is nationwide with the top six going through to the final. Not everyone is willing to travel to the final but there were 30+ entries. Particularly good when you consider Keeper is 10½ and this is the first obedience he has entered!!
This news was bought to us by Pat Round whose little one was very naughty at that show on Saturday running out to pick up her dumbell then rather than bring it back she decided to do a lap of the caravans, aren’t they fun!

More obedience news

Congratulations to Jane Hedges won her first beginners obedience class with ‘Lily’ (Satinbaze Water Lily) last Sunday. This was at the at the ‘GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK’ Open Obedience Show.

As Jane and Lily also won a second prize in the pre-beginners class she has earned the points to get obedience letters after her name… she is now Satinbaze Water Lily P-Beg Ex

AND… After a run-off Sally Collins and ‘Summer’ came fouth in the Novice class at the same show.



Obedient flat-coat in Crufts Team!

Congratlations and good luck to Sally Collins and her dog ‘Summer’ (Rainesgift Summer Thyme At Steeplehouse J.W. ) who have been picked for the Midlands Team in the Crufts inter regional obedience competitions.



Doreen Wright and Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW ShCM won fourth at Reedyford Open Obedience show in Pre Beginners

1 March 2009  Pat Round won 3rd Pre Beginners at Reedyford DTC
20 June 2009 Par Round won 1st Pre Beginners at Preston & Fylde GSD Club
21 June 2009 Pat Round won 4th Pre Beginners at Preston & Fylde GSD Club
5 July 2009  Pat Round won 6th Special Pre Beginner stakes at Chadkirk DTC
17 Oct 2009 Pat Round won 2nd Beginners at Reedyford DTC
31 Oct 2009 Pat Round won 3rd Beginners at Lune Valley DTC
These were all open shows
Having won out of Pre Beginners she is now working Beginners. She will have to gain two outright wins to move onto Novice.