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A Huge thank you from Den and Val Orme

Fantastic show as usual and made a change not being on the committee so Val and I were able to enjoy the show . We would like to thank everyone who bought tickets for the walking stick I’m pleased to say we raised £310 which will be donated to Maggie’s cancer charity . A heart felt thank you Val Den xxx

Thank you everybody for supporting them, and congratulations to the winner, Charlotte Jarvis, pictured with Apollo and her new stick. Well done everybody.

Christmas Photograph winners-Class 1 Flatcoat Winter Scene

Huge thank you to Judge-Mrs Anne Brook

First Place-Aros
Second Place-Scouty and Forrest
Third Place-Ash, Ripple, Aros, Mira
Fourth Place-Carrie, Tara, Saskia
5th Place-Purdey,Echo,Freddie