NEFRA Open Show 2010

9 May 2010 – Woodford nr Stockport

Judge: Pam Lynott

Best Bitch and Best in Show was Hall’s Blacktoft I’m No Angel for Ghilgrange
Best Dog and Res Best in Show was Tomlinson & Keight’s Rainesgift Seymour
Res Best Bitch was Holland’s Calzeat Cwite a Catch at Flatcharm (Imp)
Res Best Dog was Allen’s Woodavens Crackerjack JW
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was Lee & Holden’s Innisbeck Limited Edition
Best Puppy Dog
 was Coackley’s Gwenadillo Wild Knight
Best Veteran in Show was Tomlinson’s Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne
Best Liver in Show
was Hewison’s Harvest Moon of Casblaidd

Best In Show Blacktoft I’m No Angel for Ghilgrange
Best Puppy Innisbeck Limited Edition
Reserve Best In Show Rainesgift Seymour
Best Veteran In Show Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne
Best Liver In Show Harvest Moon of Casblaidd
photos courtesy of Chris Hewison

Class Results 1st – 3rd

photos courtesy of Hayley Tomlinson (Rainesgift) (link to Hayley’s Flickr Photo Set)

Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Gwenadillo Wild Knight (Best Puppy Dog)

  2. Yakima Runner

  3. Braidwynn Brooks

Puppy Dog

  1. Braidwynn Brooks

  2. Elmstock Echoes of Thyme over Rokaness

  3. Willowswind Whispering Elm

Junior Dog

  1. Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba

  2. Braidwynn Brooks

  3. Maddistream Indigo Jack

Special Yearling Dog

  1. Windyhollows Brere Bear

  2. Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba

  3. Eskmill Torres

Novice Dog

  1. Ravencrag Cosmic Rocket

  2. Llantrussa Rum Ba ba

  3. Maddistream Indigo Jack

Graduate Dog

  1. Rainesgift Over The Moon

  2. Ravencrag Cosmic Rocket

  3. Castlerock Eternal Love

Post Graduate Dog

  1. Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm (Imp)

  2. Braidwynn Bennigan

  3. Buckleyhill Starmaker at Maseloch

Limit Dog

  1. Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW ShCM

  2. Blacktoft Ever Blazin

  3. Levelmoor Woodwardia at Maseloch

Open Dog

  1. Rainesgift Seymour (Best Dog  Res Best In Show)

  2. Woodavens Crackerjack JW (Reserve Best Dog)

  3. Blacktoft Stray Cat Strut with Ghilgrange

Veteran Dog

  1. Hertarn’s Dr Pepper ShCM (Best Veteran Dog)

Special Veteran Dog

  1. Stranfaer Hercules

Special Liver Dog

  1. Windyhollows Brere Bear


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Innisbeck Limited Edition (Best Puppy Bitch – Best Puppy)

  2. Braidwynn Brieghd

  3. Suskim on Top of the World at Torwood

Puppy Bitch

  1. Lizzlog Lacey’s Enigma

  2. Innisbeck Celtic Charm

  3. Braidwynn Brieghd

Junior Bitch

  1. Beanit Luka to Keepersway

  2. Stranfaer Lucy Lockett

  3. Braidwynn Brieghd

Special Yearling Bitch

  1. Beanit Luka to Keepersway

  2. Ghilgrange Magic Mudusa

  3. Casanjay Browneyed Girl

Novice Bitch

  1. Kingsisla Ailsa Crag

  2. Castlerock Whispering Sand

  3. Wizardwood Tawny Treacle of Croftwell

Graduate Bitch

  1. Innisbeck Lady of the Lake

  2. Ghilgrange Magic Maiden JW

  3. Rainesgift Fleur de Luna

Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Benvellyn Cape Little Karoo

  2. Steeplehouse Seek the Dream

  3. Gilduffe Shimmy’s Bequest

Limit Bitch

  1. Calzeat Cwite a Catch at Flatcharm (Imp) (Res Best Bitch)

  2. Rainesgift the Dawn of Tyme for Stranfaer JW

  3. Elmstock Whispering Thyme

Open Bitch

  1. Blacktoft I’m No Angel for Ghilgrange (Best Bitch – Best In Show)

  2. Calswish Rosebud for Lizzlog

  3. Rainesgift Summer Thyme at Steeplehouse JW

Veteran Bitch

  1. Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne (Best Veteran Bitch – Best Veteran In Show)

  2. Sh Ch Castlerock Ennerdale

  3. Castlerock Song Linnet

Special Veteran Bitch

  1. Stanfaer Spruce Goose

  2. Rainy Day and Sundays

  3. Gilduffe Aisling

Special Liver Bitch

  1. Harvest Moon of Casblaidd (Best Liver in Show)
  2. Wizardwood Tawny Treacle of Croftwell
  3. Elmstock Thyme to Remember

  1. Mrs G Griffiths

  2. Mrs J King