NEFRA Cold Game Test 2013

Llawr Y Pant Hall, Selattyn, Oswestry
13th October, 2013

NEFRA members had an enjoyable day, albeit a soggy one at the Cold Game test today, by kind permission of Richard Hughes at Selattyn near Oswestry.

Judges: Mrs Glenys Caldwell & Mr Paul Egginton
17 entries, 2 absentees

  • 1st and the Falconcliffe Trophy – Caroline Hewison’s – Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd
  • 2nd and the Peacock Cup – Garry Ellison’s – Ollerset Sparkling Nymph
  • 3rd – Pat Bell’s – Dark Samurai of Pallingforth

First Live Training Day 9-12-2013

NEFRA members were delighted to have been invited to take part in a live game training day today on the grounds of Hy Fly game hatcheries in Lancashire. This event allowed handlers an opportunity to improve their dogs’ skills on retrieving game without any of the pressures of competition. We are very grateful to Kevin at Hy Fly for allowing us this opportunity.

Annual Trophy Awards 2013 (awarded AGM March 2014)

President’s Cup

Miss H Walker’s Lizzlog Sweeney Todd with 54 points

(2nd Mrs A Kilminster’s Sh Ch Withybed Blue Jeans with 50pts)

(3rd Mrs B Johnson’s Downstream Fait Accompli JW with 48pts)

Inca Trophy

Mrs Sally Collins with Steeplehouse Gift of Thyme with 37 points.

The Ceilidh Cup

Mrs Caroline Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd with 150 points.

(2nd Caroline Hewison’s Venus in Transit over Casblaidd with 113 pts)

(3rd Mrs Val Orme’s Elmstock Thyme to Dream with 65 points)

NEFRA Cold Game Training Day 2014

Thank you to everyone who came to our NEFRA Cold Game training day on October 13th 2014, we hope you all enjoyed it!

Thanks to our trainers Steve Burns, Trefor Richards and Garry Ellison for looking after us all, to Chris and Cherry for throwing and placing game, Val and Sheena for catering and Kath and Hilary for dog stewarding, and our hosts at Intake Head.

Trainers’ Choice awards went to:
Andy Sweeney and Daphne,
Val Orme and Freddie,
Sheena Wells and Ceili
Debbie Smith and Peat.

Thank you also to Caro from Working Line Images for photographing all our dogs!

Tributes to a gentle man


Peter Forster

Mr Peter Forster BVSc MRCVS

It is with great sadness to report that our President Mr Peter Forster passed away at his home in Staffordshire last night. Peter was a long-term supporter of the Association and was a familiar face to many of us.

Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

A tribute to Peter Forster by NEFRA Committee Member – Dennis Orme

We first met Peter in the late 70`s. Having just lost our family Labrador we were looking to get another dog and a friend told us about her vet who had these beautiful black dogs, which was our first introduction to Audrey and Peter. Audrey, a lady who said it as it was, and Peter, a quiet gentleman, and as we found out the perfect team.

Audrey once told me that with Peter “What you see is what you get “just how wrong she was, there was much more to Peter than met the eye. He was a font of knowledge and would give help and advice whenever he was asked for it, he was always an unassuming man who shunned the limelight.

Peter was always there for anyone at any time. He was our introduction to working the dogs. On many a wet dark evening, after a training session, he would still be talking at midnight having brought flasks of coffee and cups. He would never be rushed. His patient and gentle way with animals amazed us and many others whom he has helped over the years. I have seen him separate two beaters dogs, intent on killing each other, by kneeling down and talking to them. He took time out to treat injured dogs and would accept nothing in return. He arrived on the shoot one day and was limping and very withdrawn but wouldn’t tell us why. I phoned Audrey that evening to see how he was. She said that it was only his pride that was hurt because for the first time ever a horse had kicked him.

Whenever Peter judged we were interested to see what he looked for in a dog. When talking to him afterwards he admitted he never knew who the owners were but recognised the breeding lines and pedigrees of the dogs he put up.

I served as his vice-chairman on the NEFRA committee and learned much from him. He was always prepared to listen and help anyone. Our committee will be the poorer without him.
Val and I owe much to Peter and I am pleased that I had the opportunity to speak to him on the telephone a few days before his passing. I will miss a good friend and mentor and Val will miss her ‘Second Dad’.

The breed will be the poorer without him and if we can only know just a small percentage of what he knew we will be much wiser.
Our thoughts are with Claire, Alison, Louise and their families at this sad time, the world is a richer place because of him.

Peter, a true and irreplaceable GENTLE – MAN, who never had a bad word for anyone.
Rest in peace with Audrey, God bless, you will never be forgotten.

NEFRA Spring Working Test 2014

Wood Hall Hotel & Spa Wetherby, West Yorkshire 13th April, 2014

Judges: Mrs Jennifer Hay, Mr Gordon Hay, Mr Peter Griffin and Mr Den Orme,

The event saw a very good turnout of dogs and handlers at the prestigous Wood Hall Hotel near Wetherby where our four judges put them through their paces.

Workingline Images have published a series of photos on their website

It’s A Dog’s Life Photography have published photos on their website


Special Puppy 19 entries 2abs

1st Mrs Gill Awty with Venetian Red at Maddistream.
2nd Mr Garry Ellison with Ollerset Rainbow.
3rd Mr Casper Jonsen with Donascimento Peres.
4th Mrs Pat Bell with Gowran Hesperis at Pallingforth.
COM Julie Matthews with Ollerset Shining Nymph
COM Mr Andrew Sweeney with Norfolkflyer Rosie’s Thorn
COM Mr Keith Aldred with Donascimento Santos

ND/NH 10 entries 3abs

1st Mrs Christine Spalding with Tallistar Midnight Skye.
2nd Mrs Janet Botterill with Rowfant Rhapsody.
3rd Mr Andrew Sweeny with Norfolkflyers Rosie’s Thorn.
4th Mr Rob Ashcroft with Beanit Luka to Keepersway.
COM Mrs Linda Baughan with Magical Moonbeam
COM Mr Peter Howson with Lone Lassie of the Wood at Devonbank

Novice 14 entries 0abs

1st Mr Chris Hewison with Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
2nd Mrs Rachel Holt with Croftcloses Lucrative Boy
3rd Mr Peter Howson with Devonbank Dare to Dream.
COM Mrs Linda Baughan with Magical Moonbeam
COM Mrs Stephanie Hurstfield with Stac Polly

Open 12 entries 0abs

1st Mr Garry Ellison with Ollerset Sparkling Nymph
2nd Mrs Caroline Hewison with Harvest Moon of Casblaidd
3rd Mrs Cherry Wood with Cumberwood Clover
COM Mr Keith Aldred with Eskwinds Dare to Dream
COM Mr Malcolm Peacock and Rondix Basha.

NEFRA Open Show 2012

13 May 2012 – NEFRA Open Show, Chelford, nr Macclesfield

Judge: Mrs Sharron Enticknap

Best Dog and Best in Show was Warrington’s Woodavens Water Archer JW
Best Bitch and Res Best in Show
 was Romeo-Dieste’s Bochilbarley November Mist over Hopevalley

Res Best Dog was Green’s Hertarn’s Dr Pepper ShCM
Res Best Bitch
 was Warrington’s Hopevalley Morning Leaves among Woodavens

Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was Putnam’s Ebormist Endless Devotion
Best Puppy Dog
 was Hammersley’s Buckleyhill Morpheus for Nellspeace
Best Veteran in Show was Green’s Hertarn’s Dr Pepper ShCM
Best Liver in Show 
was Colson’s Windyhollows Brere Bear

Best In Show
Woodavens Water Archer JWReserve Best In Show
Bochilbarley November Mist over HopevalleyJudge Mrs S Enticknap
Best Puppy
Ebormist Endless DevotionBest Veteran In Show
Hertarn’s Dr Pepper ShCM
Best Liver In Show
Windyhollows Brere Bear
photos courtesy of Chris Hewison

Class Results

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Absent

Puppy Dog (4)

  1. Buckleyhill Morpheus for Nellspeace
  2. Buckleyhill Zeus
  3. Jaskar Sound of Scott
  4. Donascimento Bebeto

Junior Dog (5)

  1. Elmstock Thyme to Dream
  2. Canalhouse Top Suit to Keepersway
  3. Wainhawke Woodlander at Lakemere
  4. Buckleyhill Morpheus for Nellspeace
  5. Buckleyhill Zeus

Yearling Dog (2)

  1. Glendaruel Sea the Stars with Pajanbeck (AI)
  2. Hopevalley Morning Mayhem JW

Novice Dog (6)

  1. Elmstock Thyme to Dream
  2. Eskwinds Dare to Dream
  3. Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
  4. Wainhawke Woodlander at Lakemere
  5. Buckleyhill Zeus

Graduate Dog (8)

  1. Steelriver Blazin Hot at Blacktoft
  2. Castlerock Northern Moon at Heatheridge JW
  3. Stranfaer Doctor Foster for Nellspeace
  4. Eskwinds Dare to Dream
  5. Islstrom Glendhu

Post Graduate Dog (5)

  1. Woodavens Water Archer JW
  2. Lakemere Man After Midnight
  3. Islstrom Glendhu
  4. Levelmoor Dr Devious for Nellspeace
  5. Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba

Limit Dog (4)

  1. Wizardwood Celtic Storm (AI) /p>
  2. Castlerock Stormy Night over Heatheridge
  3. Gloi Dubh Baldur
  4. Castlerock Hold The Dream

Open Dog (3)

  1. Blacktoft Ever Blazin
  2. Windyhollows Brere Bear
  3. Eskwinds Dare to Dream

Veteran Dog (2)

  1. Spera Thalia Lazio
  2. Hopevalley Morning Xplorer

Special Veteran Dog (1)

  1. Hertarns Dr Pepper ShCM

Special Liver Dog (1)

  1. Windyhollows Brere Bear
Minor Puppy Bitch (0)Puppy Bitch (5)

  1. Ebormist Endless Devotion
  2. Buckleyhill Venus
  3. Jaskar Sount of Iona
  4. Arrowhill Stargazer
  5. Torwood In A Twist to Bolfoer

Junior Bitch (4)

  1. Ebormist Endless Devotion
  2. Luss Kiss In The Dark
  3. Buckleyhill Venus
  4. Innisbeck Illusion

Yearling Bitch (4,1)

  1. Hopevalley Morning Mist
  2. Lussac Rather Smart to Keepersend
  3. Wistaston Love Song

Novice Bitch (4)

  1. Ebormist Endless Devotion
  2. Eskwinds Drunk on Moonshine
  3. Buckleyhill Venus
  4. Jaskar Sount of Iona

Graduate Bich (6)

  1. Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy to Windyhollows
  2. Woodavens Waterfall Wind JW
  3. Innisbeck Limited Edition JW
  4. Eskwinds Drunk on Moonshine
  5. Castlerock Whispering Sand

Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)

  1. Stranfaer Lucy Locket JW
  2. Castlerock Northern Sky over Elmstock
  3. Innisbeck Celtic Charm
  4. Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams

Limit Bitch (7)

  1. Bochilbarley November Mist over Hopevalley
  2. Gloi Dubh Andrasta JW ShCM
  3. Beanit Luka to Keepersway ShCM
  4. Woodavens Wisteria Wind
  5. Pajanbeck Three Times a Lady (AI)

Open Bitch (3)

  1. Buckleyhill Starlight
  2. Dunctonwood Brightstar with Wagglewater
  3. Branchalwood Beauly Water at Jaskar

Veteran BItch (7)

  1. Hopevalley Morning Leaves among Woodavens
  2. Elmstock Whispering Thyme
  3. Windyhollows Abide with Me
  4. Castlerock Magic Star
  5. Eskwinds Beyond the Moon

Special Veteran Bitch (2)

  1. Trevorsilk Indian Queen CDEx
  2. Eskwinds About Thyme

Special Liver Bitch (1)

  1. Elmstock Thyme to Remember


Brace (Judged by Mrs K Jubb)

  1. Mr & Mrs Slack
  2. Mrs Romeo Dieste
  3. Mr & Mrs Green
  4. Mrs G Griffiths

Obedience (Judged by Mrs Ann Taylor Wilde)

Beginner’s Obedience

  1. Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
  2. Gilduffe Sinead
  3. Gilduffe Shimmy’s Bequest

Novice Obedience

  1. Trevorsilk Indian Queen CDEx
  2. Hertarns Dr Pepper ShCM

Sharron Enticknap’s Judges Critiques

I should like to thank the Association for inviting me to judge, the exhibitors for entering and my stewards for working so hard. It was so nice to travel north and judge dogs I have not judged before and have only seen from the side of the ring.

There is now such diversity in our breed, especially in size. Too many dogs are long in loin which makes the ribs look short, spoils their balance and affects movement. I was looking for balanced, medium sized, well-muscled dogs with good bone and tight feet that fulfilled the breed standard and could do a day’s work and I found most of these attributes in my class winners.

Movement is a concern. Many dogs are very close behind and wide in front. Perhaps, if they were to be moved at a steadier pace, they would have a chance to get it all together. The ring was smaller than I should have liked, but, given the constraints of the hall, I think each exhibitor was given ample opportunity to move the dogs to their best advantage.

It was a lovely day I shall remember for a long time. Thank you, everyone, for making it so enjoyable.

MPD (1 entry, 1 absent)
PD (4 entries)

1st HAMMERSLEY  Buckleyhill Morpheus for Nellspeace: Close decision between first and second. Up to size 11 months puppy. Pleasing head, adequate bone, well-muscled with tight feet. Soft expression and dark eye. Balanced outline with good rear movement but needs to tighten in front. Best Puppy Dog.
2nd BUCKLEY Buckleyhill Zeus: Litter brother to first place and the same comments apply. Preferred head and feet of my winner. Moved well when settled.
3rd RYDER Jaskar Sound of Scott
JD (5 entries)
1st ORME  Elmstock Thyme to Dream: Right size for me. Presented balanced picture standing. Well-muscled with good bone and tight feet. Good front and angulation front and rear. Not long in loin. Pleasing head, soft expression and dark eye. Moved accurately around ring at steady pace.
2nd ASHCROFT & LONG Canalhouse Top Suit to Keepersway: Had many of the same attributes as winner but a size larger and longer in loin. However, he does look balanced when standing. Good bone and angulation with tight feet. Good front. Excellent muscle. Moved well.
3rd HESLOP Wainhawke Woodlander at Lakemere
YD (2 entries)
1st EGGINGTON Glendaruel Sea the Stars (ai): Although a size large for me, I preferred his head and overall balance. Well made with excellent bone and tight feet. Good front and muscle. Lovely dark eye and typical wicked expression. Pleasing head. Moved well front and rear.
2nd ROMEO-DIESTE Hopevalley Morning Mayhem: Better size for me. Lovely tight feet and good bone. Not as balanced in outline as my winner and would have liked little more animation. Dark eye and soft expression. Excellent muscle and moved true front and rear.
ND (6 entries)
1st ORME Elmstock Thyme to Dream
2nd ALDRED Eskwinds Dare to Dream: Close up to winner. Correct size for me. Really well-muscled with a good front and angulation. Tight feet and excellent bone throughout. Pleasing head with soft expression and dark eye. Moved well when settled and presented balanced picture standing.
3rd HEWISON Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
GD (8 entries)
1st FOX Steelriver Blazing Hot at Blacktoft JW: Beautifully balanced dog. Excellent bone, tight feet and correct angulation. Lovely head with dark eye and expression full of mischief. Excellent muscle. This dog could work all day long. Level topline when standing and held so well on the move.
2nd PINGREE Castlerock Northern Moon at Heatheridge JW: Another well-made dog but giving his owner a hard time. Good bone, muscle and tight feet. Moved OK but did not really settle. Preferred top-line and movement of my winner
3rd HAMMERSLEY Stranfaer Doctor Foster for Nellspeace
PGD (5 entries)
1st WARRINGTON Woodavens Water Archer JW: Underneath a profuse coat is a beautifully made dog, exactly the right size for me. Angulation front and rear is good. He has super bone, an excellent front and the tightest of feet. Lovely head, with dark eye and soft expression. He moved accurately round the ring with drive and presented a balanced picture when standing. I was delighted to award him Best Dog and ultimately Best in Show.
2nd GREEN Lakemere Man After Midnight: Another very nice medium-sized dog. Well-angulated with good front. Excellent bone and tight feet. Pleasing head, dark eye and soft expression. Moved well in the ring but spoilt balance by standing with sloping top-line at the end.
3rd SLACK Ilstrom Glendhu
LD ( 4 entries)
1st SLACK Wizardwood Celtic Storm (AI): Correct size for me. A medium-sized, well-constructed flatcoat. He has good bone an excellent front and tight feet. Pleasing head with soft expression and dark eye. Moved well and looked balanced when standing.
2nd PINGREE Castlerock Stormy Knight over Heatheridge JW ShCM: A size larger than first. Good confirmation and bone, tight feet. Pleasing head with dark eye. Very lively but moved well when settled.
3rd WALKER & ROBERTS Gloi Dubh Baldur
OD (3 entries, 1 absent)
Two dogs that could work all day.
1st FOX Blacktoft Ever Blazin: Well-made, balanced dog with excellent front. Excellent bone and tight feet. Pleasing head with dark eye and kind expression. Wonderful muscle. Moved really well and presented balanced picture when standing.
2nd COLSON Windyhollows Brere Bear: Good dark liver with pleasing head and kind expression. Good bone, beautiful feet and super muscle. Nice angulation front and rear, balanced outline. Moved well but preferred movement of the winner. Delighted to award him Best Liver in Show.
VD (2 entries) Two lovely dogs.
1st SLACK Spera Thalia Lazio: Almost 10 years old. Well-balanced dog with good bone and tight feet. Good front and angulation. Pleasing head with dark eye and kind expression. Moved well at steady pace. Correct size for me.
2nd ROMEO-DIESTE Hopevalley Morning Xplorer: Another of almost 10 years. The same comments apply as for the winner. However, I preferred the top-line and rear angulation of my winner.
SVD (1 entry)
1st GREEN Hertarns Dr Pepper ShCM: Watch this dog move. Looking back at his breeding, I know where the movement comes from. At 10½ years, he stands on the tightest of feet, has excellent bone and muscle. He is well angulated, has a pleasing head with lovely dark eyes and the softest expression. He moves accurately and with drive. I was delighted to award him  Best Veteran Dog, Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in Show.
SLD (1 entry)
1st COLSON Windyhollows Brere Bear
MPB (No entries)
PB (5 entries)
1st PUTNAM Ebormist Endless Devotion: Beautiful puppy with everything in the right place. Correct size for her age, with good bone and tight feet. Lovely head with dark eye and the softest expression with a hint of mischief. She is so well-balanced and moved really accurately coming and going on a steady stride. Best Puppy Bitch and delighted to award her Best Puppy in Show.
2nd BUCKLEY Buckleyhill Venus:  Although larger and longer than my winner she presents a balanced picture. She has good bone and stands on tight feet. Pleasing head with dark eye and kind expression. Moved well.
3rd RYDER Jaskar Sound of Iona
JB (4 entries)
1st PUTNAM Ebormist Endless Devotion
2nd RICHARDS Luss Kiss in the Dark: Nicely balanced bitch with adequate bone. Good front and angulation. Tight feet. She has a pleasing head and kind expression. Not exaggerated in any way. Moved well when settled.
YB (4 entries, 1 absent)
1st ROMEO-DIESTE Hopevalley Morning Mist: This bitch is the right size for me. She is balanced with good bone and angulation front and rear, a good front and really tight feet.  She has a pleasing head with the kindest expression. She moved accurately on a steady stride.
2nd MILLER Lussac Rather Smart to Keepersend: Larger than my winner but well-balanced. She has a good front and angulation front and rear is not exaggerated. Pleasing head with kind expression. Moved well on tight feet.
3rd BERRISFORD Wistaston Love Song
NB (4 entries)
1st PUTNAM Ebormist Endless Devotion
2nd REES Eskwinds Drunk on Moonshine: A well-balanced bitch with adequate bone, a good front and tight feet. Her pleasing head has a dark eye and soft expression. She moved well when settled.
GB (8 entries)
This class was headed by two really nice bitches and I was splitting hairs for my final decision.
1st COLSON Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy to Windyhollows: A really well-balanced bitch with good bone, a good front and tight feet. She has a pleasing head with a soft expression and a hint of mischief. Moved accurately on a good stride.
2nd WARRINGTON Woodavens Waterfall Wind: Another well-balanced bitch and the same comments apply as for first place. I just preferred the overall balance of my winner.
3rd LEE & HOLDEN Innisbeck Limited Edition
PGB (5 entries, 1 absentee)
1st JOYCE Stranfaer Lucy Locket: I have always liked this bitch. Although she was carrying some excess weight she could not be denied this class but it cost her higher honours later. Beautifully made with good bone and the tightest of feet. She has a very pleasing head with dark eyes and a soft expression, but mischief lurks! She moved true at a steady pace. Sizewise she is right for me.
2nd ORME Castlerock Northern Sky over Elmstock: One size up from winner and longer in body. She is well-made with a good front and lovely bone and feet. A pleasing head, soft gentle expression and a dark eye complete the picture. She moved accurately round the ring at the correct steady speed.
3rd LEE & HOLDEN Innisbeck Celtic Charm
LB ( 7 entries, 1 absentee)
1st ROMEO-DIESTE Bochilbarley November Mist over Hopevalley: This bitch is the correct size for me. She is well-made with good angulation front and rear. She has a very pleasing head with a dark eye and soft, kind expression. She presented such a lovely balanced picture standing and sparkled as she moved accurately and steadily round the ring on tight feet. I was delighted to award her Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd WALKER & ROBERTS Gloi Dubh Adastra: Certainly one size larger than my winner, but she is well-made and balanced standing. She has good bone and tight feet, a pleasing head with a kind expression. Moved at the correct speed, she went steadily and accurately round the ring.
3rd ASHCROFT Beanit Luka to Keepersway
OB (3 entries)
1st BUCKLEY Buckleyhill Starlight: Well up to size. This bitch is balanced with good bone and tight feet. She has a pleasing head with a kind, dark eye. She moved steadily round the ring on a good stride.
2nd EMBLEM & BROES Duncton Brightstar with Wagglewater: Carrying a little too much weight and a size too big for me. A well-muscled bitch with good bone and tight feet. She has a dark eye and kind expression. Moved OK.
3rd RYDER Branchalwood Beauly Water at Jaskar
VB ( 7 entries, 1 absent)
1st WARRINGTON Hopevalley Morning Leaves among Woodavens: There was little to choose between first and second in this class. Both are the right size for me. Well-balanced bitch, with good bone and conformation. Tight feet and excellent muscle. Pleasing head with kind soft expression. Lovely dark eye. Moved really well and accurately round the ring on a steady stride. Pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran Bitch.
2nd ORME Elmstock Whispering Thyme: Very nice dark liver bitch with pleasing head and dark eye. Good bone and conformation and excellent muscle. Tight feet. She, too, moved accurately and steadily round the ring at the correct speed. However, I preferred the rear movement of my winner.
3rd COLSON Windyhollows Abide With Me
SVB (2 entries)
1st HEDGES Trevorsilk Indian Queen CDEX: This bitch has excellent bone and tight feet. She has a pleasing head with a kind, dark eye. She moved well round the ring, keeping a level top-line all the way.
2nd REES Eskwinds About Time: She has good bone, tight feet and a good front. She has a pleasing head with a dark eye and soft expression. Moved well round the ring.
SLB (1 entry)
1st ORME Elmstock Thyme to Remember: A really nice dark liver bitch with good bone and beautiful feet. She is well-made and presents a balanced picture standing. She has super muscle and could work all day. Her pleasing head completes the picture. Moved accurately, with real drive round the ring

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Minor Breeds Test 2013

Peter Griffin, Garry Ellison, Caroline Hewison

Three NEFRA members featured in the annual ‘Minor Breeds’ Team competition near Evesham on May 5th 2013.  This working gundog event is held with representatives from the Flat-coated Retrievers, Curly-coated Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (this year’s hosts).

Our flat coat team won the event this year and Caroline Hewison’s dog ‘Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd‘ was awarded the ‘Top Dog’ award. The two other team members were Garry Ellison (Ollerset Sparkling Nymph) and Peter Griffin (Eskwinds Chaffinch)

Inter Area Final 2009

NEFRA team win 3rd at the Inter Area Final – 10.5.2009

Chris Hewison with Casblaidd Little Linnet (sp puppy). Garry Ellison with Astravia Saffrons Spirit at Ollerset (Novice). Richard Hewison with Casblaidd Hazy Daisy (Novice). Caroline Hewison with Harvest Moon of Casblaidd (Open)

Chris Hewison with Casblaidd Little Linnet (sp puppy). Garry Ellison
with Astravia Saffrons Spirit at Ollerset (Novice). Richard Hewison with
Casblaidd Hazy Daisy (Novice). Caroline Hewison with Harvest Moon of Casblaidd (Open)