NEFRA Spring Working Test 2021 (an online event)

Puppy and Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Novice classes.

Once again, current government restrictions across the country mean that we had to run a working test ‘virtually’.

Please note that this was an unofficial test and winning the class does not qualify out of that class.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our working test. We have had so much fun watching these videos. We have seen some really lovely, very capable dogs, and equally some superb handlers!

Puppy (2 entries)

1st Lauren Broome with Benvellyn Amur Falcon of Evingbriar (UK)
2nd Aage Wilhelmsen with Jiggers Tarka Ann Bakue (Denmark)

Novice Dog/Novice Handler (9 entries)

1st Aimee Gardiner with Kulawand Kookaburra for Svenjak (UK)
2nd Suzi Tagg with Empire Glory Black Brianta at Oiyou (UK)
3rd Dena Swift with Skye (UK)
4th Aimee Gardiner with Bitcon Taylor Made for Svenjak (UK)

Novice (10 entries)

1st Vivienne Gatter with Pebbles (UK)
2nd and Judges Choice Kristof Jebsen with New-Era de la Source aux Elfes (Germany)
3rd Herma Ordelman with Maddistream Aduro Pink (Netherlands)
4th Anne Haley with Castlerock Return to Sender at Skybrook (UK)

The novice class was very strongly contested and the first two places in novice were separated by half a point, we were really splitting hairs! If anyone would like to know their scores, and if anyone would like feedback on why they were given a score, please do get in touch, we are only too happy to help! We do have rosettes for the award winners – please PM us your address and we can get them sent out 🙂

Judges: Chris and Caroline Hewison

We have very kindly been given permission to share Kristof Jebsen’s videos, who was running in the novice section of our on line test. I thought it might be useful for the novice dog/novice handlers to see the exercises and it was a pleasure to watch this team working together. Link to the videos

For class definitions and the exercises themselves, see the link below.