Spring Working Test 2023 – Roanlodge, Buxton

NEFRA held our Spring working test today at Roanlodge, hosted with thanks by Lesley Morgan and sponsored by Skinners.

We had 3 Judges, who were David Bellamy, Warren Jones and Alan Richardson. A huge thankyou to our judges for giving up their day. 

A huge thankyou to all the helpers and dummy throwers. Without them we couldn’t hold these events.

The weather started off overcast and cold however as the day went on the sun came out and so did the wind. The weather made for a great day and a challenge for the afternoon dogs. 

We had 5 puppies and 5 NDNHs in the morning with an obedience test, a blind down a track, a straight mark and a mark in water. 

One award was given in puppy to Andy Sweeney’s Wolfthistle Clementine.

Unfortunately, although all the dogs performed well, no awards were given in the NDNH class. However these types of events are great for giving NDNH experience at working tests. 

We started the 14 Novice dogs before lunch which had 4 tests. These tests were a mix of marks, blinds, water and jumps with our three judges. 

Novice placings are as follows;

No first was awarded. 

2nd Julie Mattthew’s Ollersett Black Knight

3rd Helen Fox’s Satinbaze Cracksman for Blacktoft JW

4th David Foster’s Kenyten Styx

COM Margaret Brayfield’s Contar Skeggles Water

We then started our 6 Intermediate dogs in the afternoon. The sun came out and the dogs all enjoyed themselves over this beautiful venue with a mixture of marks, blinds and a walk up. 

The results are as follows; 

1st Garry Ellison’s Ollersett Shimmering Nymph

2nd Caroline Hewison’s Casblaidd Island in the Sky KCWGC SGWC

3rd Andy Sweeney’s Maddistream Black Powder of Wolfthistle

4th Julie Matthew’s Ollersett Black Diamond