NEFRA’s training day Nr Blackburn

Nefra held a training day for puppies, beginners and early novice today near Blackburn by kind permission of Lee Hamilton, the gameskeeper for the ground. 

We had 2 trainers for the day, Gary Ellison and Lisa Mappin. Lisa taking the beginners groups and Gary taking the novice group. 

The weather was predicted to be heavy downpours however this held off and was sunny through the session. 

The puppies did confidence building around a small stream which they all did a great job with. Something like this is always good for beginners and puppies learning to retrieve around the water, which is always great fun. 

The novice group retrieved from water and over the water with dummies behind on land and on the water. 

Thanks to the trainers for giving up their day for us and thank you to the keeper for allowing us to use the land. We all had a fantastic day!