NEFRA Working Retriever Assessment 23rd July 2023

Nefra had a great day with their first Working Retriever Assessment of the year. We were hosted with thanks to Simon Fitzherbert-Brockholes nr Garstang. We had 2 assessors for the day, Caroline Hewison and Lisa Mappin. There were 8 Novice dogs taking this assessment today. The weather was absolutely torrential rain all day so the dogs certainly did well given the conditions. There was one pass awarded today to Gill Griffin & Ravencrag Illusionist with them gaining their third novice pass and being awarding their Novice certificate.

There were four dogs taking their Intermediate assessment in the afternoon being assessed by Caroline Hewison. Again the rain did not let up, so we had difficult conditions for the dogs. No passes were awarded today, but all dogs from both classes went away with great training tips for both assessors from the day.

Thankyou to the assessors and helpers throughout the day.

More information about the NEFRA working retriever assessments can be found by clicking here.