Joint Flatcoated Retriever Clubs’ 3rd Championship Show 2011

Hosted by the Northern England Flatcoated Retriever Association

THE KENNEL CLUB BUILDING, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ on SUNDAY, 1st MAY 2011

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  • Dogs: Mrs V. Foss (Elswood)
  • Bitches: Mrs A. Youens (Riverglide)
  • Referee: Dr J.M. Squire

BEST IN SHOW Candler’s Capeldewi Never on Sunday

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Pingree’s Castlerock Stormy Knight over Heatheridge JW

BEST OPPOSITE SEX Pingree’s Castlerock Stormy Knight over Heatheridge JW

Best in Show & Reserve Best In Show

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Grose’s Lussac Rockafella

JFCR Show 2011 012

Best Puppy In Show

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne

BEST LIVER IN SHOW Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne

Best Liver and Best Veteran in Show

BEST DOG Pingree’s Castlerock Stormy Knight over Heatheridge JW

RESERVE BEST DOG Young’s Ballyriver Blake

BEST PUPPY DOG Grose’s Lussac Rockafella

BEST VETERAN DOG Stibbe-Willis’ Madison Wild Indigo JW

BEST BITCH Candler’s Capeldewi Never on Sunday

RESERVE BEST BITCH Rudin’s Cassiopi Free Time with Suford

BEST PUPPY BITCH Goodman’s Beanit Zillah

BEST VETERAN BITCH Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne

Best Breeder in Breed Award Mrs D Brooks (Castlerock)

Full results are listed in a single page pdf file if you wish to mark your own catalogues, click here.

DOGS Judge – Mrs V. Foss (Elswood)

Veteran Dog (4 entries – 0 absentees)
1st BVD Stibbe-Willis’ Madison Wild Indigo JW
2nd Broadbent’s Dunctonwood Cosmic Charlie
3rd Joyce’s Stranfaer Hercules
Res Douglas’ Andwalls Trail Blazer over Greenbayhill

Minor Puppy Dog (6 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Mayhem
2nd Campbell’s Ronevor Deal of the Decade
3rd Broadbent’s Hallbent October Toccata
Res Jones’ Toutnoir Hiriwa Toghuga of Benvellyn
VHC Shields’ Ollersett Black Jacobin

Puppy Dog (6 entries – 0 absentees)

1st & BPGrose’s Lussac Rockafella
2nd Rudkin’s Beanit Twister Round Kenjo
3rd Campbell’s Ronevor Deal of the Decade
Res Hewison’s Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
VHC Broadbent’s Hallbent October Toccata

Junior Dog (7 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Walker, Roberts and Smitherman’s Gloi Dubh Celtic Seaheart JW
2nd Millbank’s Brightmoor Woodbracken of Larksdown
3rd Whitmore’s Castlerock Magic’s Stake on Clearfield
Res Slack’s Islstrom Glendhu
VHC Harris Steelriver Heat of the Night

Yearling Dog (10 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Douglas’ Greenbayhill Black Tuxedo
2nd Strudwick’s Branchalwood Balmenach for Burpham JW
3rd Scovell’s Gwenadillo Wild Thyme at Sandzoo
Res Pingree’s Castlerock Northern Moon at Heatheridge JW
VHC Gale’s Willowswind Whispering Elm JW

Maiden Dog (4 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Mayhem
2nd Hewison’s Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
3rd Price’s Blacklake Oberon of Ruddleberry
Res Kay’s Bramatha Under the Sun

Novice Dog (4 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Hammersley’s Stanfaer Doctor Foster
2nd Whitmore’s Castlerock Magic’s Stake on Clearfield
3rd Gulbis’ Gayplume Vital Spark
 Price’s Blacklake Oberon of Ruddleberry

Graduate Dog (8 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Bowen’s Clandrift Reflection JW
2nd Collins’ Steeplehouse Dance in Thyme
3rd Hammersley’s Stanfaer Doctor Foster
 Lambert’s Wizardwood Storm River via Cheseridge
VHC Bertram’s Blackshyne I’m No Fool

Post Graduate Dog (15 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Holmes’ Candicasa Scarlet Chip
2nd Whitmore’s Gwenadillo Wish for Mour at Clearfield
3rd Millbank’s Brightstart Maximillion of Larksdown
Res Sexton’s Downstream Prime Suspect (AI)
VHC Bott’s Buckleyhill Starmaker at Maseloch

Limit Dog (18 entries – 3 absentees)
1st & CC & RBIS Pingree’s Castlerock Stormy Knight over Heatheridge JW
2nd & RCC Young’s Ballyriver Blake
3rd Clarke’s Satinbaze Sea Hawk
Res Bowen’s Clandrift Play the Game JW
VHC Bott’s Levelmoor Woodwardia at Maseloch

Open Dog (8 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Broadbent’s Blackshyne Super Trouper JW ShCM
2nd Lane’s Kulawand Love to Remember
3rd Ashcroft & Long’s Levelmoor Bowermans Nose to Keepersway
Res Vassbotn’s Ch Ir IntuCh FinuCh NuCh SuCh Almanza Your Wish is My Command
VHC Stephenson’s Torrweaving Best Mate of Falahall

Special Open Liver Dog (4 entries – 1 absentees
1st Trevor’s Trevorsilk Galaxy Starlit
2nd Burroughs’ Wizardwood Tawny Tracker at Rokaness
3rd Colson’s Windyhollows Brere Bear

BITCHES – Judge Mrs A. Youens (Riverglide)

Joint CH SH Bitch critique

Veteran Bitch (8 entries – 1 absentee)
1st & BV Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne
2nd Buckley’s Branchalwood Aylanfara of Buckleyhill ShCM
3rd Jorgensen’s Gwenadillo Christmas Eve
Res Brook’s Culmquill it’s a Hazilazy Day JW
VHC Gilchrist’s Shiredale Roan Fell of Ardmhor

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Oakley’s Oaksenriver Atico
2nd Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Mist
3rd Stanley’s Hallbent October Melody
Res Smith’s Ronevorg Dream Deal
 Gilling’s Gemswin My Kind of Girl

Puppy Bitch (11 entries – 4 absentees)

1st & BPB Goodman’s Beanit Zillah
2nd Berrisford’s Wistaston Love Song
3rd Egginton’s Pajanbeck Heaven Can Wait
Res Harrison’s Glendaruel Black Diamond at Solotown (AI)
VHC Bishop’s Lyneholme Nettle

Junior Bitch (17 entries – 6 absentees)
1st Anderson’s Feldkirk Fashion
2nd Gilchrist’s Gloi Dubh Blue Moon over Ardmhor
3rd Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Celtic Legacy
Res Jones’ Springlindi Sweet Violet
VHC Jorgensen’s Paviland Cariad Mor Brialen

Yearling Bitch (9 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Walker’s Lizzlog Lacey’s Enigma
2nd Tagg’s Gwenadillo Wild Wish at Oiyou
3rd Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Celtic Legacy
Res Creasy’s Willowswind Summer Sorrel
VHC Gash’s Simarfield Brown Eyed Girl

Maiden Bitch (14 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Celtic Heritage
2nd Gilchrist’s Gloi Dubh Blue Moon over Ardmhor
3rd Jorgensen’s Paviland Cariad Mor Brialen
Res Gilling’s Wheathold Miss Moppet
VHC Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Mist

Novice Bitch (10 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Celtic Heritage
2nd Creasy’s Willowswind Summer Sorrel
3rd Perry’s Casanjay Browneyed Girl
 Colson’s Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy to Windyhollows
VHC Dixon’s Casanjay Ruby Tuesday for Madelea

Graduate Bitch (15 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Joyce’s Stranfaer Lucy Locket JW
2nd Ashcroft & Long’s Beanit Luka to Keepersway JW
3rd Brooks’ Castlerock Stormy Song JW
Res Bertram’s Blackshyne Henley’s Dream
VHC Saxton’s Benarron Remember Me

Post Graduate Bitch (19 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Holmes, Cambbell and Young’s Montegreno Mystic Meg by Candicasa JW
2nd Jones’ Downstream Paper Chase (AI)
3rd Lane & Lane-Ridyard’s Kulawand in No One’s Shadow JW
Res Egginton’s Pajanbeck Three Times a Lady (AI)
VHC Yates & Stracey’s Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley

Limit Bitch (26 entries – 3 absentees)
1st & Res CCRudin’s Cassiopi Free Time with Suford
2nd Vassbotn’s Almanza Bag Lady
3rd Tappenden, Head & Morrissey’s Cassiopi Fancy That
Res Tomlinson’s Rainesgift Fleur de Luna JW
VHC Stibbe-Willis’ Braemist Brenna by Madison JW

Open Bitch (11 entries – 2 absentees)
1st & CC & BIS Candler’s Capeldewi Never on Sunday
2nd Smitherman’s Ch Levelmoor Lanosa at Seaheart
3rd Tomlinson’s Rainesgift Clemence
Res Jones’s ShCh Benvellyn Cape Grace JW
VHC Campbell’s Beanit Moneypenny of Ronevorg

Special Open Liver Bitch (7 entries – 2 absentees)
1st & BLiv Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne
2nd Branscombe’s Taranbeck Sorrel May Day
3rd Thomas’ Tygwyn April Surprise
Res Trevor’s Trevorsilk Galaxy Starlet
VHC Colson’s Windyhollows Winnipeg