KC Working Gundog Certificate Day 2017

Well done everyone who came along to NEFRA’s Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate day on 19th February 2017.

Held at Intake Head, Delph, Oldham by kind permission of Jean Buckley, and thank you to our assessors Steve Crookes and Philip Smithies. Thank you to Malcolm, Chris and Jeanette for throwing dummies, and thank you to Val as always for superb catering in the mud and rain.

The successful dogs

The successful dogs were:

Andrew Baker with Saffronlyn Swift (Labrador)
Evelyn Lee with Garshake Eric at Innisbeck (Labrador)
Stephanie Hurstfield with Stac Polly (FCR)
Simon Fitzherbert Brockholes with Mosstarn Maiden (FCR)
David Bellamy with Flatcharm Chelsea Whopper (FCR)
Peter Griffin with Eskwinds Ebony Jay (FCR)
Gill Awty with Venetian Red at Maddistream (FCR)
Garry Ellison with Ollerset Sparkling Nymph (FCR)
Steve Burns with Eiderbay Fastnet at Jollybrow (Labrador)
Rob Ashcroft with Keepersway Adele (FCR)
Jenny Jones with Yonsaff Summer Sky (FCR)
Wendy Battison with Donascimento Ramires (FCR)
Lewis Holton with Castlerock First Angel (FCR)
Pat Bell with Artistryn York (Labrador)

Well done everyone and thanks for taking part.