NEFRA Championship Show 2015

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BEST IN SHOW and Dog CC Dawn Warrington with Sh Ch Woodavens Water Archer JW left – Bitch CC Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex and Best Veteran Rainesgift Fleur-de-Lis for Woodfinch right – Karen Joyce Best Puppy in Show Stranfaer Solitaire


The two veterans Best veteran dog Ch Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm Best veteran bitch (and Bitch CC BOS BVIS) Rainsegift Fleur-de-Lis for Woodfinch


Karen Joyce Best Puppy in Show Stranfaer Solitaire


1st Special Liver, Dog RCC and BLIS — with Jacobs and Holmes Charming Melvin Oasis of Peace (Imp CZE) JW


1st Graduate Bitch and RCC MacDonald’s Spring Time in Deringwood

Full album from the show can be viewed

Judge’s Report – Bitches

I would like to thank the members and committee for inviting me to judge the bitches at their 8th Championship show. It was indeed a privilege and an honour. Also thank you to my stewards Harry Nelson and Chris Whitmore for their support throughout the day.

My main concerns were variation in size and one or two level bites. Feet are becoming a problem and must be watched. Temperaments as usual were exceptional. But on the whole a quality entry with some good bitches going away cardless. I was very pleased with my final line up. Finally I must thank the exhibitors for the sporting way they accepted my decisions.

Veteran 13 (4)
Three lovely bitches headed this class. All moving very well.
1. C.C & R.B.I.S & B.V.I.S Bellamys Rainsgift Fleur – De – Lis For Woodfinch. 9 year old youngster on top form and lots to like. Lovely classic bitch with a nicely moulded head and dark eye. Good reach of neck, correct front angulation, level topline and excellent feet. She is so well balanced and has such an elegant profile. Moving out with style and drive. Couldn’t deny her top spot today.
2. Ryder & Thomsons Branchalwood Beauly Water at Jaskar. Typy bitch with the best of heads and soft expression. Good front construction and well muscled hindquarters. Level topline leading to correct tail set. Balanced and elegant outline moving straight and true.
3. Murrays Rusticus Tea Rose at Gayplume.

Special Veteran 5
1. Walkers Ch Calwish Rosebud for Lizzlog J.W 10 years young and well put together. Lovely head, good ear set and correct bite. Good reach of neck into well constructed front assembly. Firm level topline and good tail set. Moving effortlessly round the round the ring from strong rear quarters.
2. Joyces Rainsgift The Dawn Of Tyme for Stranfaer J.W. Lovely bitch of good type not showing her age. Again a classic one piece head and kind eye. Correct angulations all through, quality bone. Well coated and in the best of condition. Moving out positively.
3. Brooks Castlerock Ultimate Choice.

Minor Puppy 16 (2) Lovely class of puppies.
1. Johnsons Downstream Poetic Justice. What a wee rascal enjoying her day out. Pretty as a picture with a mischievous dark eye. Lovely type, correct size for her age. Level topline with good angulations throughout, moving well for one so young.
2. Davis Badcall Golden Bracken. Another lovely baby. Very typy head eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck and front assembly. In nice condition, moving well.
3. Bellamys Woodfinch Hydra.
Puppy 7 (2)
1. B.P.I.S. Joyces Stranfaer Solitaire  Bonnie youngster with much to like. Shown in the best of condition and well presented. Nicely made throughout and balanced front and rear. Quality bone level topline and moving so very well. Lovely in profile should have a promising future. Will watch with interest.
2. Johnsons Downstream Poetic Justice.
3. Brooks Castlerock Its Now or Never.

Junior 1
1. Rees Eskwinds Escape to the Moon. Stood alone but well worth her card. Nice bitch with a pleasing head, eye and expression. Neat ears. Firm topline held on the move. Good coat and well conditioned. Moving steadily on tight feet.

Yearling 6 (1)
1. Romeo – Dieste Yonsaff Vienna By Hopevalley J.W. a happy outgoing young lady. Classic feminine head with twinkling dark eyes and soft expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Correct front assembly and so well balanced all through. Nice tight feet and good bone. Showed and moved very well.
2. Drottsgard & Brunnstrom Moonstruck Macadamia JWW 15. Lovely bitch of nice type and size. Well put together with good front angulation and strong rear quarters. Firm top line, well presented in good coat and condition. Striding out soundly, unlucky to meet 1 today.
3. Savourys Ghilgrange Puzzle Pieces.

Novice 3
1. Joyces Stanfaer Stanfaer Solitaire
2. Dixons Madelea Making Magic. Well constructed youngster, nicely moulded one piece head with kind eye. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Nice spring of rib. Moving out freely holding a level topline.
3. Goodmans Blacklake Cordelia.

Graduate 11 (2)
1. R.C.C MacDonalds Spring Time in Deringwood. Quality bitch of correct size and type. Elegant outline. Pretty head, good eye shape and colour. Well constructed throughout. Good layback of shoulder and corresponding length to upper arm. Well muscled rear quarters, very good movement showing reach and drive.
2. Kulczycka’s Burpham Spring Sky. Typy young lady with feminine head. Good forechest and firm top line. Nicely made all through with quality bone and neat feet. Very balanced bitch moving soundly.
3. Goodmans Keepersway Gracie to Beanit J.W.

Post Graduate 12 (1)
1. Griffiths Castlerock Cosmic Hattie. Nice size bitch, lovely head and dark eye with correct ear placement. Very balanced in body presenting an elegant outline. Quality bone and good feet. Moved and showed very well.
2. Cowans Anderwalls Seventh Heaven. Another very nice girl presented in good coat and condition. Classic one piece head. Correct front angulations with pronounced brisket. Well muscled quarters, tight feet. Nice steady mover.
3. Walkers Lizzlog Lacey’s Enigma J.W.

Limit 18 (5)
Best class of the day. Spoiled for choice, I felt some of the bitches still needed time to mature to their full potential which is not a bad thing as they are a slow maturing breed.
1. Warringtons Covellyns Black Diamond Woodavens (IMP CH). Classy bitch from any angle. Feminine head with dark well shaped eyes. Good reach of neck. Correct angulations all through showing a lovely balanced shape. Very good bone, strong rear. Excellent coat and condition. Stylish on the move with a good stride.
2. Malones Kissock Weesleekit for Kirkbeck J.W. stylish bitch of nice size. Lovely type so well put together. Feminine head and soft expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Quality bone, level top line held on the move, moving very well.
3. Lutners Beautyfields Flashdance at Telurn J.W.

Open 13 (5)
1. Joyces Stranfaer Lucy Locket J.W. Classical lady of an ideal size. Very typy with nicely moulded head piece. Good neck length into correct shoulders. Very good top line and tailset. Well balanced throughout. Firm hindquarters. Moving nicely on good feet.
2. Walkers Lizzlog Kiss and Tell J.W. elegant feminine bitch again a nice size. Lovely outline with pleasing head and eye. Quality bone and very good feet. Well muscled quarters, in the best of condition. Moved soundly holding her shape at all times.
3. Colsons Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy to Windyhollows.

Special Liver 2
1. Kinght & Jacobs Gemswin Disco Inferno J.W. Lovely balanced bitch. Nicely moulded head and neat ears. Clean neck and good front construction. Well made hind quarters and firm top line. Steadily moving around the ring.
2. Colsons Windyhollows Floribunda. 10 years young presenting in a good outline. Classic head and kind expression. Balanced body and good topline, bone and feet. Moving okay.

Special Working 3
1. Hewison Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd. Really liked this girl, very nice 2 year old of correct size. In great condition. Well moulded classic head and dark eye. Good forehand construction and well muscled hindquarters. Moving out very well, nicely balanced. Considered for top honours.
2. Whittakers Suskin Over The Rainbow to Falconcliffe. Nice bitch of good proportions. Very typy head with soft expression. Pleasing outline. Good front assembly. Moving out from well developed hindquarters.
3. Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams.

Bitch Judge Ronnie Ross (Islstrom)

Judge’s Report – Dogs

My sincere thanks to the members and committee for the opportunity to judge at this lovely well run show and to the exhibitors for their support. It has been 5 years since I last judged males and I found overall construction and soundness to be a concern. Size and type were very varied making it difficult to get a consistent line up and I found myself struggling in some classes. Breed type in general was excellent but this is not in itself enough, the dog has to have the correct basic conformation to be a good example of the breed and there were very few who really moved with any reach and drive. Temperaments were excellent as one would expect and presentation was of a very high standard with the majority presented in good condition. The limit and open classes were full of quality and I thoroughly enjoyed judging them. All of the major awards were made in agreement with my co judge and I was delighted to see my CC winner take BIS.


1/ HOLLAND. Ch Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm.

The most balanced of those here, a medium sized dog with the most lovely head and kind eye, stands on well boned legs and tight feet although a shade down on his pasterns. Good topline held at all times, makes the most of himself, best mover here which won him the class. BVD.

2/ EGGINTON. Tacumshin Lord of The Dance to Pajanbeck

Lovely type, masculine head but in no way course, kind eye. Shade larger all over than 1st.Very well constructed dog with one of the best fronts of the day, good feet, profuse coat. Little bit low in tailset. Rather close in hind movement  although has a good length of stride in profile.

3/ BROOK. Culmquill Supadupa Day

Good overall type with a racy outline, beautifull head and eye, movement wasn’t his fortune today.

Special Veteran(2,0)

1/ WRIGHT. Lakemere Moonlight Shadow

Dog of good size and balance, very active. Really good head and eye, neck flows into a strong topline which he holds at all times, good bone and feet. Sound and true in movement if a tad over enthusiastic. Presented in good condition.

2/ SALT. Brihensol Mandria at Wetnoses

Nice size with good front, bone and feet.A shade heavy all over for me. Not so positive on the move as winner today but a good honest dog.

Minor Puppy(4,0)

1/ CHIPPERFIELD & HIGGINBOTHAM Wistaston The Black Diamond at Howlingale

Headed a line up of lovely babies, first 3 could have easily changed places on another day. This young man is just right for his age, medium size, gorgeous head with dark eye and soft expression, very balanced in outline, really good bone & feet, well coated, held a strong topline and his tail is set well.Not so settled on the move as the older puppies in the class but for his first show he did really well and I’m sure he has a bright future ahead. Liked him very much. BPD

2/ PINGREE. Castlerock Burning Love To Heatheridge

More forward and a bit higher on the leg than winner. Another well balanced puppy with a good outline standing and moving. Presented in lovely gleaming coat. A bit more positive in hind movement than winner at this stage although still to settle down in front. A close decision but preferred the head and eye of first

3/ WHITAKER. Up To The Stars Black Brianta to Jetstarski

Medium sized and well balanced puppy with good depth of chest. Really loved his head and expression, lovely dark eye of correct shape. Best of fronts, well angulated with good reach of neck, nice tight feet, good depth through the body. Slightly steep in croup and carrying his tail rather high which spoiled an otherwise very pleasing outline.


1/ CHIPPERFIELD & HIGGINBOTHAM Wistaston The Black Diamond at Howlingale

2/ PINGREE. Castlerock Burning Love To Heatheridge

3/ LUTNER. Beautyfield’s Glenury Royal at Telurn

Well grown puppy who is well balanced, good head and eye shape, well boned and tight feet, good reach of neck, lovely dark liver coat. At an inbetween stage at the minute and should strengthen up behind as he matures.


1/ PRICE & SKJELBRED Covenstead Proper Gentleman

Lovely type overall, really good head and eye, good reach of neck well set into his shoulders and has correct front angulation with pronounced forechest. Well boned, feet could be tighter. Good depth through the body giving a very pleasing outline. Very strong mover with good drive from his hindquarters. Presented in lovely condition.

2/ WILMSHURST Kulawand Intuition at Mandamay

Longer cast dog. He has a nicely shaped head but a little too pronounced in occiput, good eye shape and colour. Good topline and tailset, in very good coat condition. Found him to be a little unbalanced in angulation which meant that he moved wide in front and was over reaching in profile.


1/ BELL  Rotherfield Black Illusion

Difficult class, all sorts of shapes and sizes here.

This boy was the most balanced and finished of those present. He has a lovely head shape and kind eye. Overall well constructed with good front and depth of body giving a balanced outline, firm topline, well set tail, good bone and feet. Presented in lovely condition and handled to advantage.

2/ BOWEN. Candiliz Black Admiral for Clandrift

Another of good type just a bit stronger in head than winner, very mature in body, good bone,well balanced in angulation with a good outline, tailset and topline. Still to strengthen in hindquarters.

3/ WARRINGTON. Woodavens Water Charmer

Really lovely type, has a well constructed front with good reach of neck, good bone, feet could be better. Excellent head shape and lovely expression, profuse coat. Would just prefer a bit more length of leg and a little less weight . Bit unsettled on the move here today.


1/ CHIPPERFIELD & HIGGINBOTHAM Wistaston The Black Diamond at Howlingale

2/WHITAKER. Up To The Stars Black Brianta to Jetstarski

3/HAMMERSLEY. Ghilgrange Dudley Do Right

Rangy dog who is a bit up on leg at present, just needs time to fill his frame. Good masculine head, dark eye, good reach of neck. A tad upright in front, moved OK.


1/ JONES. Blacktoft American Smooth at Braemist

Clear winner in a class of mixed quality. Not the biggest and could be a tad more masculine but he is very well balanced and everything is in proportion. Correct head shape and very kind, mischievous expression from lovely dark eyes. Well constructed in front with pronounced forechest, good bone and tight neat feet. Level topline with a well set and carried tail, correct depth of body for his size, profuse coat, very sound on the move holding his shape at all times.

2/ SKITMORE, FRETTER & ROSE. Stranfaer Bodufinolhu

Bigger dog who is also very balanced and well constructed. Masculine head, just a shade round in eye and a little bit throaty. Well angulated front with good forechest and lay back of shoulder, good bone and feet, level topline and correct depth through the body. Couldn’t match the winner in movement here but a nice dog who deserved his placing.

3/ SHELLEY. Pajanbeck You Sexy Thing Rivage

Presented in lovely coat, nice size. Good head, just a shade broad in skull, enough bone, feet ok, good depth of body. Not quite the balance in outline of 1 and 2.

Post Graduate(13,1)

1/READING. Sastrugi Beautiful Sunrise at Sabarka

Sound, typey dog, everything in proportion, liked his size and overall shape, has a lovely head and the most engaging expression. Very balanced and sound on the move. A bit out of coat but what he had was of good quality. Typical flatcoat attitude helped him to show off his attributes.

2/ ROSS. Downstream Face The Music.

Dog of excellent breed type, lovely head and expression, good front, neck and topline. Really good bone and tight feet, immaculate condition and presentation. Close decision here but preferred hind movement and tail carriage of the winner today.

3/ LAIRD. Seaheart Archibald of Daicheil

Lovely size and type, another presented in immaculate coat. Good head and eye, well constructed and balanced dog. Not too happy in the ring today which affected his topline and tail carriage and which cost him a higher placing. Nonetheless, he is a quality dog.


1/ HOLLAND. Brightmoor Caught In The Act at Flatcharm

Difficult class as there was a great deal of variation in type. This boy was the most together and finished today. Lovely overall type and shape. Very nice head and eye, good front with pronounced forechest, neck set well into shoulders  and flows into level topline. Good bone and feet, good depth through the body and balanced angulation. Moved confidently covering the ground.

2/ PRICE. Whizzbang’s We Will Rock You at Llantrussa

Another of lovely type, really good head and dark well shaped eye. Good reach of neck into strong level topline, well balanced and sound all over. Similar qualities as winner but not quite the maturity in body and coat yet or the length of stride but he is still a youngster and can only improve.

3/ GALE. Willowswind Whispering Elm

Really nice dog with a lot to like, sound with plenty of breed type, good head, very balanced and well presented although carrying just a bit of weight today.


By far the best class of the day, every one of those present capable of winning  so decisions were very much on the day.

1/ WARRINGTON. Sh Ch Woodavens Water Archer

A dog who makes me smile! So balanced and soundly made with loads of attitude which almost blew it for him at times however he managed to hold his enthusiasm in check long enough today. A dog with everything in the right place, he has substance but is in no way course, he has a very clean outline, lovely topline and tail carriage. Presented in full gleaming coat, he was one of the few who really covered the ground in this ring with reach and drive showing off his correct construction and outline. Delighted to award him CC and with agreement of my co judge BIS.

2/ BRADY. Sh Ch Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot

Another top quality male, a pleasure to go over him. Racier than winner all through but with the same balance  and soundness which combined with excellent breed type makes a very pleasing picture. He also moved soundly and freely round the ring. So much to like about this dog, just not quite the ring presence of the winner today which was the deciding factor.

3/ EGGINTON Ch Glendaruel See The Stars with Pajanbeck

Completed a top quality trio, correct in all departments, in super condition and sound on the move. Feel that he is yet to reach his best so a lot to look forward to when fully mature.

Special Liver(5,3)

1/ JACOBS & HOLMES Charming Melvin Oasis Of Peace

Really taken with this young man, lovely head shape and kind eye, really good reach of neck, strong topline and tail well set and carried level with his back. Totally balanced, well angulated, good front, bone and feet. In gleaming coat and great condition. Sound mover, super temperament. Impressed enough to win RCC and Best Liver.

2/ BURROUGHS. Wizardwood Tawny Tracker of Rokaness

Substantial dog, a bit over done all through for my taste but balanced in outline. Good colour. Movement a bit erratic.

Special Working(2,0)

1/ EGGINTON. Tacumshin Lord of The Dance to Pajanbeck

2/ ORME. Elmstock Thyme To Dream

Very nice racy dog. Lovely head and eye, well constructed front with really good upper arm. Good bone and feet, topline and tail. A little bit light in hindquarters but a really nice dog, just losing out to a fully mature veteran.

Dog Judge Sandra Stevenson (Steelriver)

Referee’s Report

My thanks to NEFRA for inviting me to be referee, as things turned out both judges agreed on all their joint winners and the referee was not required.

Today my judging was limited to two Junior Handling classes during the lunch break, while there was only one Junior entered in each class the standard was very high we must try to encourage more of our juniors to enter, without these talented youngsters, there will be no competent adults showing our dogs in the years to come.

Class 29  – 6 to 11 Years Entry -1

1st Miss Summer Beresford

A competent young lady of just 9 years old presented her dog with all the style of someone experienced in the art  of handling, even though  this was only her second time in the ring, she took instruction very well and completed tasks as required presenting her dog for the judge to examine if needed, then in complete control moved her dog around the ring as requested at the correct speed both dog and handler in harmony well deserved her Red Rosette, sure it won’t be long before she is showing us all up in the adult classes.

Class 30 12 to 16 Years Entry -1

1st Miss Georgina Mellow

A stylish confident handler, obviously used to the junior handling circuit, set up her dog  correctly getting full attention from her charge, perfectly executed all the tasks asked by the judge while all the time in full control of a very happy companion. When asked to move her dog she strode out in style making the best of the space in the ring and completing the circuit as required by the judge. A very stylish happy and confident pair moving effortlessly round the ring. Good luck to her in the future in this highly competitive discipline.

Very pleased to award her Best Junior Handler

Bob Allen (Judge)