NEFRA’s 2nd Championship Show 2009

1 Nov 2009 held at Elsecar Heritage Centre, nr. Barnsley


  • Dogs – Mr Graham Lambert (Cheseridge)
  • Bitches – Mr R Allen (Darillens)
  • Referee – Mrs D Jury (Torwood)
  • Junior Handling & Brace – Mrs D Jury (Torwood)

BEST IN SHOW – Irvine’s ShCh Vbos The Kentuckian

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Johnson’s Ch Downstream Destiny’s Child JW

Best Puppy & Best Veteran

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Ashcroft & Long’s Beanit Luka to Keepersway

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW – Forster’s Wizardwood Song of the Glens

BEST LIVER IN SHOW – Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne

Photos courtesy of Keith Aldred

BITCHES – Judge Mr R Allen

Veteran Bitch (8 entries – 2 absentees)
1st & BV Forster’s Wizardwood Song of the Glens
2nd Tomlinson’s Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne
3rd Rees’ Eskwinds About Time
Res Brook’s Culmquill It’s a Lovely Day JW
VHC Wells’ Gilduffe Aisling

Special Veteran Bitch (4 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Tomlinson’s Rainy Day and Sundays
2nd Colson’s Ch Windyhollows Nelly Moser J.W.
3rd Coleman’s Shiredale Persuasion
Res Matthews’ Eskmill Moondance
Minor Puppy Bitch (9 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Rose & Skitmore’s Stranfaer Miss Muffet
2nd Murray’s Gayplume Tickled Pink
3rd Fox & Drewery’s Blacktoft Bazanty
Res Wells’ Gilduffe Ceili
VHC Joyce’s Stranfaer Lucy Locket

Puppy Bitch (9 entries – 3 absentees)
1st & BPAshcroft & Long’s Beanit Luka to Keepersway
2nd Murray’s Gayplume Tickled Pink
3rd Fox & Drewery’s Blacktoft Bazanty
Res Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Xanthes Star
VHC Stephani’s Walnutfarm Helouise

Junior Bitch (6 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Fletcher’s Llecan Allegretto
2nd Malone’s Kirkbeck Brown Eyed Girl
3rd Colman’s Steeplehouse Inka Thyme at Ravensjais
Res Acomb’s Llecan Aqua
VHC Arnold’s Casanjay Gaelic Dancer

Yearling Bitch (5 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Johnson’s Downstream Poetic Licence
2nd Brooks’ Castlerock Stormy Song JW
3rd Lynott’s Avening Sultry Scirocco
Res Bellamy’s Bochilbarley November Love

Novice Bitch (8 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Joyce’s Stranfaer Lucy Locket
2nd Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Xanthes Star
3rd Malone’s Kirkbeck Brown Eyed Girl
Res Lewis’ Keamarola Nightingale
VHC Arnold’s Casanjay Gaelic Dancer

Graduate Bitch (9 entries – 6 absentees)
1st Tomlinson’s Rainsgift Fleur de Luna
2nd Irvine’s Broomiedean Lady of Hatari at Vbos
3rd Murray’s Gayplume Ebon Flow

Post Graduate Bitch (17 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Holland & Webster’s Calzeat Cwite a Catch at Flatcharm (Imp) NAF TAF
2nd Tomlinson’s Rainsgift Clemence
3rd Ross’ Islstrom Little Missy JW
Res Reid’s Orkhatos Phoebe
VHC Jubb’s Levelmoor Ouija Board for Katzenjammer

Limit Bitch (19 entries – 5 absentees)
1st Res CC Jones’ Benvellyn Cape Grace JW
2nd Brooks’ Castlerock Magic Moment JW
3rd Heslop’s Lakemere Summer Breeze
Res Stevenson’s Steelriver Sunny Spell
VHC Whittaker’s Marsalland Roseagain

Open Bitch (7 entries – 2 absentees)
1st & CC & RBIS & BOS Johnson’s Ch Downstream Destiny’s Child JW
2nd Collins’ Rainesgift Summer Tyme at Steeplehouse JW
3rd Murray’s Sh Ch Gayplume Smarty Pants JW ShCM
Res Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne
VHC Buckley’s Branchalwood Aylanfara of Buckleyhill ShCM

Special Liver Bitch (4 entries – 0 absentees)
1st & BLiv Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne
2nd Colson’s Windyhollows Floribunda
3rd Orme’s Elmstock Thyme to Remember
Res Brocklesby’s Jewel of Rourki from Brockslot

Special Working Bitch (5 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Brook’s Culmquill It’s a Lovely Day JW
2nd Rees’ Eskwinds Beyond the Moon
3rd Rees’ Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams
Res Orme’s Elmstock Thyme to Remember
VHC Brocklesby’s Jewel of Rourki from Brockslot

DOGS Judge – Mr G Lambert (Cheseridge)

Veteran Dog (4 entries – 0 absentees)
1st & BVD Smitherman’s ShCh Benvellyn Nephrite Jade of Seaheart
2nd Green’s Hertarns Dr Pepper
3rd Egginton’s Benvellyn Winslett Pearl to Pajanbeck
Res Salt’s Sumaha Rainmaker at Wetnoses

Special Veteran Dog (1 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Colson’s Ch Windyhollows Tumbling Ted JW
Minor Puppy Dog (6 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Green’s Lakemere Man After Midnight
2nd Gulbis’ Gayplume Vital Spark
3rd Hammersley’s Stranfaer Doctor Foster
Res Horsburgh’s Blacktoft Salvadori

Puppy Dog (9 entries – 3 absentees)
1st & BPD Donnelly’s Eskmill Torres
2nd Youens’ Contar Shade of Dusk with Riverglide
3rd Green’s Lakemere Man After Midnight
Res Brook’s Culmquill Makin’ Whoopee
VHC Hammersley’s Stranfaer Doctor Foster

Junior Dog (10 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Scaife’s Shennanjoy Stowaway
2nd Sparkes’ Gowran Flame
3rd Donnelly’s Eskmill Torres
Res Collins’ Steeplehouse Dance In Thyme
VHC Colson’s Windyhollows Brere Bear

Yearling Dog (7 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Whitmore’s Gwenadillo Wish for Mour at Clearfield
2nd McShane’s Jabiru Nutmeg Koolboy
3rd Pingree’s Castlerock Stormy Knight Over Heathridge JW
Res Scaife’s Shennanjoy Soul Mate
VHC Lewins’ Bonfiliajoy Davida at Wintersett

Novice Dog (10 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Donnelly’s Eskmill Torres
2nd McShane’s Jabiru Nutmeg Koolboy
3rd Collins’ Steeplehouse Dance In Thyme
Res Jennings’ Young Man of Torver
VHC Colson’s Windyhollows Brere Bear

Graduate Dog (8 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Winton’s Braidwynn Bennigan
2nd Tomlinson’s Rainsgift Over the Moon JW
3rd Pilkington’s Gilduffe Shamrock
Res McShane’s Killaser Brigadoon
VHC Bott’s Buckleyhill Starmaker at Maseloch

Post Graduate Dog (16 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Plumtree’s Reagarth Waheed of Matlaras
2nd Ross’ Islstorm Quillan JW
3rd Whittaker’s Marsalland Treacle Pud
Res Trevor’s Trevorsilk Galaxy Starlit
VHC Ashcroft & Long’s Beanit Ned Kelly to Keepersway

Limit Dog (16 entries – 1 absentee)
1st & RCCFox & Drewery’s Blacktoft Ever Blazin
2nd Whittaker’s Bramatha Back to Reality
3rd Fisher’s Benvellyn Cape Weaver at Sawbrook
Res Jones’ Braemist Ocean Kestrel JW
VHC Wright’s Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW ShCM

Open Dog (6 entries – 0 absentees)
1st & CC & BIS Irvine’s ShCh Vbos The Kentuckian
2nd Youens’ ShCh Perrymel Springstorm at Riverglide
3rd Whittaker’s Bramatha Back to the Future
Res Warrington’s ShCh Woodavens Water Soldier JW
VHC Tomlinson & Keight’s Rainesgift Seymour

Special Liver Dog (5 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Plumtree’s Reagarth Waheed of Mataras
2nd McShane’s Jabiru Nutmeg Koolboy
3rd Colson’s Windyhollows Brere Bear
Res Trevor’snTrevorsilk Galaxy Starlit
VHC Burroughs’ Wizardwood Tawny Tracker at Rokaness

Special Working Dog (4 entries – 1 absentees)
1st Colson’s Windyhollows Brere Bear
2nd Chiddicks’ Goldingale King of Clubs
3rd Brook’s Culmquill Supadupa Day

BRACE & JUNIOR HANDLING Judge – Mrs D Jury (Torwood)

Brace (7 entries – 4 absentees)
1st Mr B & Mrs G Broadbent
2nd Mrs E A Brook
3rd Mr K D & Mrs S J Rees

Junior Handling 6-11 years (3 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Abby Bellamy (age 8)
2nd Samantha Bellamy (age 9)
3rd Hannah Lane (age 11)

Junior Handling 6-11 years (0 entries)

SPECIAL MEMBER’S OPEN DOG OR BITCH (8 entries – 2 absentees)
Jubb’s Levelmoor Ouija Board for Katzenjammer
2ndFox & Drewery’s Blacktoft Ever Blazin
3rdGreen’s Hertarns Dr Pepper
ResBrook’s Culmquill It’s a Hazilazy Day JW
VHCWell’s Gilduffe Aisling

BEST BREEDER IN BREED – Mrs J Jones (Benvellyn)

Full results are listed in a single page pdf file if you wish to mark your own catalogues, click here

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Dog Judge Critique

Mr Graham Lambert (Cheseridge)

It was a privilege last year to be asked to steward at the Association’s first show and an even greater honour to judge at this the second show which has to be the highlight of my judging career.

I had some lovely looking dogs to go over but many let themselves down when moving, close behind applied to the majority and very few had really strong driving movement I’m sure many would have preformed better outside. The lighting in the venue did not allow assessment of eye colour, with pupils being fully dilated, it was difficult to form an accurate opinion of expression even in an almond shaped eye and round eyes were glaringly obvious.

It was an honour to have the opportunity to judge the current top dog in the breed and add my name to the long list of those who have thought so highly of him. My co judge had no hesitation in awarding him Best in Show and I was in agreement with him that all the other awards for Best Puppy, Veteran and Liver went to the bitches.

Size does still concern me but judging is full of compromises and those that where well constructed and moved well were generally well up to or slightly over the optimum height.

Veteran Dog (4 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Smitherman’s BENVELLYN NEPHRITE JADE of SEAHEART, Strong upstanding dog on the large side but so well balanced and everything in proportion, very fit, one of the strongest movers of the day, super level topline and tail carriage BVD.
2nd Green’s HERTARNS DR PEPPER, A better sized dog and another very fit one, preferred the head of the winner, decent body proportions has lovely tight feet but could not match the powerful movement of the winner.
3rd Egginton’s BENVELLYN WINSLETT PEARL to PAJANBECK, Another big strong dog who just made it in time moved with drive when settled.

Special Veteran Dog (1 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Colson’s WINDYHOLLOWS TUMBLING TED JW, I was so pleased to be able to go over this grand ambassador of the breed, such a well made and balanced dog who at 11¼ still retains a wonderful topline and tail carriage. One to be proud of.

Minor Puppy Dog (6 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Green’s LAKEMERE MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT, Lovely well balanced youngster who at 8½mths displayed the best of the breeds attributes in this class, very good bone and general construction, steady and accurate on the move.
2nd Gubis’ GAYPLUME VITAL SPARK, A slightly taller young dog not quite as mature in body and therefore not the balance of the winner, lovely head and neck, will grow in confidence a nice boy.
3rd Hammersley’s STRANFAER DOCTOR FOSTER, This one could prove to be the best of the three when he has lost some weight, at just 6mths has plenty of puppy fat which rolled as he moved has a lovely head and plenty of bone.

Puppy Dog (9 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Donnelly’s ESKMILL TORRES A workmanlike dog at nearly the year has a beautiful head and excellent body proportions a little uncoordinated on the move at times will improve I’m sure BPD
2nd Youens’ CONTAR SHADE OF DUSK with RIVERGLIDE Taller rangier dog who will need plenty of time for all his good qualities to come together and balance. Good head and lengthy neck, good body with correct angles and very good brisket, happy steady mover.

Junior Dog (10 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Scaife’s SHENNANJOY STOWAWAY At just the year this is a well balanced dog of correct size, has good bone, lovely feet, and a good head, rather immature body but time is on his side, accurate steady mover.
2nd Sparkes’ GOWRAN FLAME 15mths Super head, good neck and shoulders, body and bone not the feet of the winner a very nice dog in lean hard condition.
3rd Donnelly’s ESKMILL TORRES (1st in P)

Yearling Dog (7 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Whitmore’s GWENADILLO WISH FOR MOUR at CLEARFIELD Dog of correct size and proportions with good angulation bone and balance, acceptable head, accurate mover but lacked drive.
2nd McShane’s JABIRU NUTMEG KOOLBOY, A rather out of coat pale liver but a very well made dog, correct for size, proportions and angulation one of the better movers.
3rd Pingree’s CASTLEROCK STORMY KNIGHT over HEATHERIDGE JW A showy classy, very exuberant dog difficult to assess. Very good head, neck and shoulders and good rear end. A pity he did not put his enthusiasm into moving better.

Novice Dog (10 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Donnelly’s ESKMILL TORRES (1st in P, 3rd in J)
2nd McShane’s JABIRU NUTMEG KOOLBOY (2nd in Y)
3rd Collins’ STEEPLEHOUSE DANCE IN THYME, Upstanding dog 13mths fine head good angulation tall and immature at this stage will need time but that’s not a bad thing.

Graduate Dog (8 entries – 3 absentees)
Very close decision between two very good youngsters.
1st Winton’s BRAIDWYNN BENNIGAN, Excellent sized workman like dog everything correct to do a days shooting. Body of correct proportions and angles therefore so well balanced, with the most superb feet, steady and accurate on the move. One for the future I’m sure.
2nd Tomlinson’s RAINESGIFT OVER THE MOON JW Another of just the right size with a very appealing head, neck and shoulders, excellent feet. I made note of some very good feet throughout the day and find that many were Rainesgift or by Rainesgift, as the winner here was. This youngster did not go quite as well as the winner.
3rd Pilkington’s GILDUFFE SHAMROCK Another of the correct size and balance, good head, a little tidying would improve his appearance to appreciate his neck and angulation, unplaced in Novice but moved much better in this class and held a jolly good topline and tail carriage.

Post Graduate Dog (16 entries – 2 absentees)
The first three in this class stood away from the rest it was a tussle to sort them out and another day places could easily change.
1st Plumtree’s REAGARTH WAHEED of MATLARAS A 3year old liver of excellent proportions ideal size and so well balanced, lovely head, just so much to like, a really good dog.
2nd Ross’ ISLSTROM QUILLAN JW Classical dog and a real showman another so well made, super bone and feet, has a Rainesgift sire. Beautiful head and ever wagging tail. 1st just pipped him on movement.
3rd Bates’ MARSALLAND TREACLE PUD A strong, very well made dog, workmanlike and very fit. Enthusiastic, powerful mover with an ever wagging tail which was carried dead level.

Limit Dog (16 entries – 1 absentee)
A wonderful class with so many good dogs to go over. I am sure a few that I knew, would move so much better outside.
1st Fox & Drewery’s BLACKTOFT EVER BLAZIN Very fit active dog presented in first class order so well made and balanced and such a powerful mover with a firm level topline and tail carriage. Truly deserved the ResCC
2nd Whittaker’s BRAMATHA BACK TO REALITY Another really well made dog and again very fit making for a hair splitting decision. Excels in bone, good neck and shoulder placement so many qualities so well balanced, with very strong rear propulsion.
3rd Fisher’s BENVELLYN CAPE WEAVER at SAWBROOK. I preferred the size of this well made dog which completed a trio of first class males, the same remarks apply to him but wasn’t quiet so enthusiastic on the move as the other two, that said, still a very good dog.

Open Dog (6 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Irvine’s SHCH VBOS THE KENTUCKIAN An honour to have the privilege of going over this famous dog. He is just such an excellent example of an ever youthful Flatcoat. Absolutely spot on for size, construction and balance. CC & Best in Show.
2nd Youens’ SHCH PERRYMEL SPRING STORM at RIVERGLIDE. A size larger than the winner, very good neck, bone and feet. Presented to perfection, just a shade too heavy at the front end.
3rd Whittaker’s BRAMATHA BACK TO THE FUTURE Another jolly good dog very good angulation, fit and active with firm level topline. Litter brother to 2nd in limit a pair to be proud of.

Special Liver Dog (5 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Plumtree’s REAGARTH WAHEED of MATLARAS (1st in PG)
2nd McShane’s JABRIU NUTMEG KOOLBOY (2nd in Y & N)
3rd Colson’s WINDYHOLLOWS BRERE BEAR Beautiful looking dog in glorious coat colour, good head, neck and bone, very fit, surprising slack on the move.

Special Working Dog (4 entries – 1 absentees)
1st Colson’s WINDYHOLLOWS BRERE BEAR (3rd in SpL & VHC in N)
2nd Chiddicks GOLDINGALE KING OF CLUBS. Good size, nice head, neck and angles slightly overweight for a working dog, moved reasonably.
3rd Brook’s CULMQUILL SUPA DUPA DAY A very fine athletic, fit young dog who I am sure would put much more into his movement if he was retrieving a bird.

Judges Critique (Bitches)

Mr R Allen Judge (Darillens)

Many thanks to the committee of NEFRA for this appointment I feel honoured as it was Audrey Foster who asked me if was available to judge in November 2009. I immediately said yes, and have now judged their 2nd Championship show with found memories of a great and dedicated lady, whom we should all aspire today, in how we should conduct ourselves when both judging and exhibiting in this now very competitive environment.

Best Bitch Ch Downstream Destiny’s Child

Res. Best Bitch Benvellyn Cape Grace

Best Puppy Bitch Beanit Luka to Keepersway

Best Veteran Bitch Wizardwood Song of the Glens

Veteran Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Mr P E Forster – Wizardwood Song of the Glens
Lovely type, correct size, well moulded head with that classic expression, balanced outline with very good fore chest brisket and rib cage, still holds a level top line and strong hind quarters providing steady correct movement BVB
2nd: Mrs H M Tomlinson – Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourn
Another very good veteran racier type very feminine, well laid shoulders holding a correct forehand, excellent bone and feet, sound in hind construction and able to cover the ground soundly, just preferred the more classic head of 1st.
3rd: Mr K D & Mrs S J Rees. – Eskwinds About Time
Larger type but well constructed and balanced, another typical head, just lost out to 1& 2 on outline and movement.

Special Veteran Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs HM Tomlinson – Rainy Days and Sundays
At 11 years old it was pleasure to judge this now mature lady still showing quality and type, super head and correctly constructed, presented in superb condition, just lost out on movement for best veteran bitch.
2nd: Mr E W & Mrs P J & Miss N E Colson Ch Windyhollows Nelly Moser JW
Another lady with all the right credentials, again in full bloom very little to choose between 2 outstanding female specimens of the breed., just preferred the more racy outline of the 1st.
3rd: Mr & Mrs J P Coleman Shiredale Persuasion
Heavier type with good fore quarters sound construction perhaps showing her age when moving .

Minor Puppy Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mr S C & Miss M A – Starnfaer Miss Moffet
Very racy and feminine, excellent reach of neck and well placed shoulders, holding a level top line and good tail set, very good rear angulations covering the ground with style.
2nd: Mrs H C Murray – Gayplume Tickled Pink
Very racy youngster good outline and well constructed just needing to mature
3rd: Mr AT & Mr P Fox & Drewery – Blacktoft Bazanty
Liked this puppy very typical head with kind expression well constructed, but just at that up at back down at front stage spoiling her outline and balance, not moving her best today.

Puppy Bitch (9Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Mr R & Ms L Ashcoft & Long – Beanit Luka to Keepersway
At 11 months + this young lady will be one to beat in Junior very pleasing outline, lovely balance, racy but not weedy, moulded head dark eye and well filled in. Good forehand with plenty of heart room, strong in loin with excellent hindquarters, which provided drive, and reach when on the move, well deserved her place as best puppy in show.
2nd: Mrs H C Murray – Gayplume Tickled Pink
3rd: Mr AT & Mr P Fox & Drewery – Blacktoft Bazanty

Junior Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs C P Fletcher – Llecan Alegreto
Liked the racy outline of this junior typical head that one piece mould so vital very good reach of neck obliquely placed into well laid shoulders, good body outline and strong quarters covered the ground well.
2nd: Mr & Mrs CJ Malone – Kirkbeck Brown Eyed Girl
Similar type to 1st slightly taller but with good top line and tail set lost out slightly on movement
3rd: Mr&Mrs J P Coleman – Steeplehouse Inka Ravensjais
Not so mature as 1&2 but well balanced good angles front & rear moved soundly.

Yearling Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Ms B Johnson – Downstream Poetic License JW
A very balanced bitch with super construction especially her forehand supporting a gradual spring of rib into a strong powerful coupling good bone and feet enabling well muscled hindquarters to carry her effortlessly round the ring.
2nd: Mrs D Brooks – Castlerock Stormy Song JW
Also thought this bitch of a very high standard well moulded head feminine with good depth of muzzle clean profile good ratio’s strong moderate bend of stifle well muscled second thighs, good driving movement just preferred the overall balance of 1 today but very close call.
3rd:Mrs P Lynott – Avening Sulty Scirocco
A very immature youngster but with all the parts in the right place liked her head and excellent reach of neck, moved soundly.

Novice Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Mr D & Mrs K Joyce – Stranfaer Lucy Locket
Smaller type feminine head, shoulder angulations correct elbows tight with good bone and adequate feet rib cage and loin giving good balance to outline, well muscled hind quarters providing sound movement.
2nd: Mrs P Bellamy – Bochilbarley Xanthes Star
Very typical bitch with a well moulded head good eye shape and kindly expression, pleasing outline with a level top line and good tail set hind movement sound, just preferred the front action of 1.
3rd: Mr & Mrs CJ Malone – Kirkbeck Brown Eyed Girl (Second in Junior)

Graduate Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 6
1st:Tomlinson’s Rainsesgift Fleur De Luna JW
A racy bitch with that flowing outline from a moulded feminine head a reaching neck into a balanced forehand good prow and depth of brisket. In profile she presents a good height to length ration and with very good hind quarters covers the ground with ease.
2nd: Mr J M Irvine – Broomiedean Lady Hatari at Vbos
Larger type but not loosing that racy outline soundly constructed and moved well just preferred the complete picture of winner.
3rd: Mrs C Murray – Gayplume Ebon Flow
Another with good confirmation very typical head not quite so balanced, as 1&2 just needs more time, sound in movement both ways.

Post Graduate Bitch (17 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Miss K Holland & Miss A Webster – Clazeat Cwite a Catch at Flatcharm (imp) NAF Taf
This young bitch has an eye catching outline lots of quality feminine head with that melting expression, a balanced body of good length and a spirit level top line. Add all this to strong correctly angled hindquarters and she will be a formidable challenge in the not too distant future.
2nd: Mrs H M Tomlinson – Rainesgift Clemence
Similar type to 1st racy, well constructed with that one piece unit from head to end of tail, excellent feet and bone good length of second thigh well muscled covering the ground with ease, only minor details splitting these 2
3rd: Mr R & Mrs SM Ross – Islstrom Little Missy JW
Another quality lady, completing a trio of outstanding young stock, just not quite as racy as 1&2.

Limit Bitch (19 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: Mr & Mrs B Jones – Benvellyn Cape Grace
A lovely bitch in excellent condition for me that classic outline and shape that comes from this breeding moulded head dark eye and balanced skull, well constructed throughout good length and depth of chest, a good sweeping turn of stifle and hocks well let down, providing sound movement in all aspects. Well deserved her RCC today.
2nd: Mrs D Brooks – Castlerock Magic Moment JW
Very good head and expression another quality lady in excellent condition just preferred that classic outline of 1st.
3rd: Mrs F R Heslop – Lakemeer Summer Breeze,
This bitch also in the top draw completing a threesome any judge would be pleased to have had the privilege to go over.

Open Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Ms B Johnson – Downstream Destinty’s Child
An outstanding specimen of correct type, size and construction, that classic head, moderate width, foreface running gradually into the skull and well filled in. Clean slightly arching neck into well laid shoulders good depth of, body of correct length, strong in loin and well muscled hind quarters giving sound driving action when asked to move. Well worthy of her C.C and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd: Mr G & Mrs S Collins – Rainesgift Summer Thyme at Steeplehouse 
A quality bitch I have admired from the ring side many times well balanced racy and soundly constructed, only lost out today to the winner in top form.
3rd: Mrs C H Murray – Gayplume Smarty Pants
A very racy type again lots of quality, well balanced, and sound in movement.

Special Liver Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mr P E Forster – Wizardwood Tawny Tyne 
A very well balanced liver good head with dark eye and correct shape, flowing outline and correct proportions in very good condition moved soundly.
2nd: Mr E W & Mrs P J & Miss NE Colson Windyhollows Floribunda
Well-constructed lady typical head dark eye and well moulded, correct in forehand and good bone and feet, level top line and excellent hindquarters good driving action just preferred the overall balance of 1st
3rd: Mr R D & Mrs VE Orme – Elmstock Thyme to Remember
Correct size not quite as balanced as 1&2 would prefer more reach of neck strong in hindquarters and moved well.

Special Working Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs E A Brook – Cumquill It’s a Lovley Day
A soundly constructed bitch with a typical head and very good forehand liked her balance which she used to great effect when on the move
2nd: Mr K D & Mrs SJ Rees – Eskwinds Beyond the Moon
Similar type not quite as racy but well constructed strong hind action and good driving movement
3rd: Mr K D & Mrs SJ Rees _ Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams
Very feminine and much finer than 1&2 moulded head and kind expression good lay of shoulder just needs to mature moved soundly.