NEFRA’s 3rd Championship Show 2010

Held at Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke-on-Trent 7 Nov 2010


  • Dogs – Mrs Karen Joyce (Stranfaer) (results)
  • Bitches – Mr Chris Atkinson (Segantii) (results)
  • Referee – Mrs Hazel Wilson (Sheffield)
  • Junior Handling & Brace – Mr Den Orme (Elmstock) – (results)

BEST IN SHOW – Irvine’s ShCh Vbos The Kentuckian
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Holland’s Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm (Imp)
BEST OPPOSITE SEX – Smitherman’s Ch Levelmoor Lanosa at Seaheart
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Anderson’s Feldkirk Fashion
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW – Irvine’s ShCh Vbos The Kentuckian
BEST LIVER IN SHOW – Colson’s Windyhollows Floribunda
BEST WORKING – Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd

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Judge – Mrs Karen Joyce (Stranfaer)

Karen Joyce’s Critique

Veteran Dog (6 entries – 1 absentees)
1st Connor’s Gemswin Starman
2nd Green’s Hertarns Dr Pepper ShCM
3rd Broadbent’s Dunctonwood Cosmic Charlie
Res Slack’s Spera Thalia Lazio
VHC Salt’s Sumaha Rainmaker at Wetnoses

Special Veteran Dog (2 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Youen’s Ch Taranbeck Phynns Lad at Riverglide
2nd Shelley’s Castlerock Scandale Beck
Minor Puppy Dog (14 entries – 1 absentees)
1st & BPD Hewison’s Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd
2nd Fox’s Steelriver Blazin Hot at Blacktoft
3rd Allen’s Willaura Beachin Bracken
Res Whitmore’s Castlerock Magic’s Stake on Clearfield
VHC Anderson’s Feldkirk Farenheit

Puppy Dog (6 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Fox’s Steelriver Blazin Hot at Blacktoft
2nd Allen’s Willaura Beachin Bracken
3rd Slack’s Islstrom Glendhu
Res Hargreaves’ Taranbeck Phoenix to Forgeway
VHC Walker, Roberts & Smitherman’s Gloi Dubh Celtic Seaheart

Junior Dog (9 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Coackley’s Gwenadillo Wild Knight
2nd Chipperfield & Higginbotham’s Bonnyhilbrae Gentle Prince at Howlingale
3rd Gale’s Willowswind Whispering Elm
Res Pingree’s Castlerock Northern Moon at Heatheridge
VHC Wright’s Kulawand Moonlight Tempo

Yearling Dog (8 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Donnelly’s Eskmill Torres
2nd Chipperfield & Higginbotham’s Bonnyhilbrae Gentle Prince at Howlingale
3rd Pingree’s Castlerock Northern Moon at Heatheridge
Res Green’s Lakemere Man After Midnight
VHC Gulbis’ Gayplume Vital Spark

Novice Dog (8 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Coackley’s Gwenadillo Wild Knight
2nd Fox’s Steelriver Blazin Hot at Blacktoft
3rd Connor & MacDonald’s Grangehurst Leucanthemum
Res Nicholls’ Llantrussa Eton Mess with Lineover
VHC Tielrling’s Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba

Graduate Dog (9 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Coote’s Bonafiliajoy Ariel via Stregaya JW
2nd Tomlinson’s Rainsgift Over the Moon JW
3rd Youens’ Contar Shade of Dusk with Riverglide
Res Donnelly’s Eskmill Torres
VHC Scaife’s Shennanjoy Stowaway

Post Graduate Dog (13 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Young’s Ballyriver Blake
2nd Walker’s Rainesgift Hucklebury Finn to Lizzlog JW
3rd Winton’s Braidwynn Bennigan
Res Pingree’s Castlerock Stormy Knight over Heatheridge JW
VHC Bott’s Buckleyhill Starmaker at Maseloch

Limit Dog (11 entries – 0 absentees)
1st & RCC & RBIS Holland’s Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm (Imp)
2nd Stephenson’s Torrweaving Best Mate of Falahall
3rd Allen’s Woodavens Crackerjack JW
Res Ryder & Thomson’s Branchalwood Leithen Water at Jaskar
VHC Ashcroft & Long’s Beanit Ned Kelly to Keepersway

Open Dog (11 entries – 2 absentees)
1st & CC & BIS & BVIS Irvine’s ShCh Vbos The Kentuckian
2nd Stensby’s Aniara’s Christopher Columbus
3rd Tomlinson & Keight’s Ch Rainesgift Seymour
Res Holmes’s ShCh Candidacasa Rollacoaster
VHC Youens’ ShCh Perrymel Spring Storm at Riverglide

Special Liver Dog (4 entries – 1 absentees)
1st Knight, Jacobs & Holmes’ Gemswin Son Of A Preacherman with Candidacasa JW
2nd Burroughs’ Wizardwood Tawny Tracker at Rokaness
3rd Nicholls’ Llantrussa Eton Mess with Lineover

Special Working Dog (1 entries – 0 absentees)
1st & BWkg Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd


Judge Mr Chris Atkinson (Segantii)

Veteran Bitch (9 entries – 1 absentee)
1st & BV Collins’ Rainesgift Summer Thyme at Steeplehouse JW
2nd Brook’s Culmquill It’s a Lovely Day JW
3rd Tomlinson’s Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne
Res Rees’ Eskwinds About Time
VHC Donnelly’s Eskmill I’m The One JW

Special Veteran Bitch (6 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Wells’ Gilduffe Aisling
2nd Donnelly’s Eskmill Obsession.
3rd Tomlinson’s Rainy Day And Sundays
Res Friday’s Rehyrb Naivasha
VHC Coleman’s Shiredale Persuasion
Minor Puppy Bitch (16 entries – 0 absentees)
1st & BP Anderson’s Feldkirk Fashion
2nd Stevenson’s Steelriver Heatwave
3rd Goulette’s Lamintone Ain’t Misbehavin
Res Baxter’s Feldkirk Fallon of Mayla
VHC Jury’s Rivixter Festival Epicure at Torwood

Puppy Bitch (13 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Lee & Holden’s Innisbeck Limited Edition
2nd Stevenson’s Steelriver Heatwave
3rd Whittaker’s Bramatha Snowed Under
Res Jorgensen’s Paviland Cariad Mor Brialen
VHC Walker’s Feldkirk Florenz Nite for Lizzlog

Junior Bitch (16 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Walker’s Lizzlog Lacey’s Enigma
2nd King’s Kingsisla Ailsa Crag
3rd Gale’s Willowswind Summer Sorrel
Res Dalziel Scott & Scott’s Branchalwood Lia Fail
VHC Vassbotn’s Almanza Bag Lady

Yearling Bitch (13 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Walker’s Lizzlog Lacey’s Enigma
2nd Ashcroft & Long’s Beanit Luka to Keepersway JW
3rd Vassbotn’s Contar Evening Shadow
Res Murray’s Gayplume Tickled Pink
VHC Dalziel Scott & Scott’s Branchalwood Lia Fail

Novice Bitch (11 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Colson’s Windyhollows Winnipeg
2nd Stevenson’s Steelriver Heatwave
3rd Whittaker’s Bramatha Snowed Under
Res Jury’s Rivixter Festival Epicure at Torwood
VHC Hughes’s Black Clover

Graduate Bitch (15 entries – 0 absentees)
1st Tomlinson’s Rainsgift Fleur de Luna JW
2nd Irvine’s Broomiedean Lady of Hatari at Vbos JW
3rd Holland’s Kulawand In Seventh Heaven at Flatcharm
Res Lewis’ Castlerock Could It Be Magic for Garregwen
VHC Murray’s Gayplume Ebon Flow

Post Graduate Bitch (17 entries – 3 absentees)
1st Murray’s Rusticus Tea Rose at Gayplume
2nd Goulette’s Steeplehouse Seek The Dream
3rd Lane & Lane Ridyard’s Kulawand In No One’s Shadow JW
Res Winton’s Gwenadillo Final Fling at Braidwynn JW
VHC King’s Kingsisla Gigha

Limit Bitch (20 entries – 4 absentees)
1st Candler’s Capeldewi Never On A Sunday
2nd Tomlinson’s Rainesgift Clemence
3rd Buckley’s Buckleyhill Starlight
Res Stevenson’s Steelriver Sunny Spell ShCM
VHC Fox’s Blacktoft Blue Like Jazz

Open Bitch (11 entries – 2 absentees)
1st & CC BOS Smitherman’s Ch Levelmoor Lanosa at Seaheart
2nd Res CC Johnson’s Ch Downstream Destiny’s Child JW
3rd Dalziel Scott & Scott’s Woodavens Flowerdrift over Branchalwood (AI)
Res Jones’s ShCh Benvellyn Cape Grace JW
VHC Price’s CIE/Norw/Swe Ch Flat Garden’s 
Mathilde IX

Special Liver Bitch (6 entries – 2 absentees)
1st & BLiv Colson’s Windyhollows Floribunda
2nd Branscombe’s Taranbeck Sorrel May Day
3rd Forster’s Wizardwood Tawny Tyne
Res Friday’s Rehyrb Lillehammer

Special Working Bitch (7 entries – 2 absentees)
1st Orme’s Elmstock Whispering Thyme
2nd Rees’ Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams
3rd Friday’s Rehyrb Flintoff
Res Brook’s Culmquill It’s A Lovely Day JW
VHC Friday’s Rehyrb Lillehammer


Judge – Mr Den Orme (Elmstock)

Brace (12 entries – 1 absentee)
1st Mr B & Mrs G Broadbent
2nd Ms E J & Dr L Walker & Roberts
3rd Mrs J King

Res Mr E W & Mrs P J & Miss N E Colson
VHC Mrs E A Brook

Junior Handling 6-11 years (0 entries)

Junior Handling 12-16 years (2 entries)
1st Chloe Morley – age 14
2nd Laura Leigh – age 12

SPECIAL MEMBERS’ OPEN DOG OR BITCH (6 entries – 1 absentee)
Jones’s ShCh Benvellyn Cape Grace JW
2nd Fox’s Blacktoft Blue Like Jazz
3rd Colson’s Windyhollows Floribunda
Res Jury’s Arristottle Athos at Torwood
VHC Brook’s Culmquill Makin’ Whoopee

BEST BREEDER IN BREED – Mrs Dorothy Brooks (Castlerock)

Full results are listed in a single page pdf file if you wish to mark your own catalogues, Catalogue Checker.