Breed Education Co-ordinator Report 2021

The following post has been passed to us by the Flatcoated Retriever Society:

Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows)

2020 has been a difficult and testing year for everyone. The majority of shows/events were cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The Kennel Club (KC) however, continued to forge ahead with their plans for judge’s education as summerised below:

In May 2019 the (then) Judges Competency Framework was put on hold pending an independent review. Following the review carried out between August and December 2019, the KC Board agreed to changes based upon recommendations made by the review panel.

From January 2020 the KC Board agreed to rename the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) to The Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) (JEP)

Most of the original ‘JCF’ criteria continues with only a few changes:-

  • The various judging Levels are the same.
  • Key requirements of Breed Assessment Days, mentoring and observation assessment remain unchanged although a criteria for Mentors/Observers has been introduced.
  • BEC responsibilities remain unchanged.
  • Judges will not be licensed and there will be no fee to continue to judge (to be reviewed after 3 years).
  • Judges will no longer required to sit the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge exam every 5 years (to be reviewed after 3 years).
  • A specified minimum hands-on experience has been introduced for each breed (band).
  • There will be no pass/fail element to mentoring.
  • Some online exams have been amended to quizzes.

All the information relating to the new judges Education Programme can be found at the following address:-

So looking forward to 2021 and beyond – there is a clear educational programme set out for all new and existing judges. As things gradually get back to normal and the shows can start again, judges can access the KC Judges Education Programme and progress with their judging career.

As BEC I am available if you need any support or advice please do not hesitate to contact me:-

0794 100 1689 or 0116 2402 043