Working Retriever Assessments – Garstang

NEFRA held the first Working Retriever Assessment of the year today. Grateful thanks to Simon Fitzherbert Brockholes for hosting at Garstang, a really good day!

Lisa Mappin and Caroline Hewison judged the novices this morning, and Gill Griffin judged the intermediate dogs this afternoon. Huge thank you to the helpers Simon, Alan and Peter for throwing dummies all day especially in the rain this morning!

Chris Hewison and Casblaidd Mirror Lake
Charlotte Smith and Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere

Passes and rosettes in the novice levels were awarded to

Julie Matthews and Ollersett Black Diamond
Mags Brayfield and Contar Skeggles Water.

Two dogs passed their third stage and were awarded their novice certificates.
Well done to
Chris Hewison and Casblaidd Mirror Lake
Charlotte Smith and Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere

In the intermediate level a pass and a rosette was awarded to
Chris Hewison and Casblaidd Mirror Lake.

Well done everyone! Hope you enjoyed the day!

The next assessment is at Roby Mill, Wigan on 7th August. Let me know if you would like to come.

Jane Ardern’s Training Talk – Understanding Impulse Control

NEFRA were delighted that renowned dog trainer Jane Ardern agreed to speak to our members in a Facebook Live event to allow us to celebrate our 25th anniversary in a Covid safe manner. The recording will remain available here.

NEFRA Spring Working Test 2021 (an online event)

Puppy and Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Novice classes.

Once again, current government restrictions across the country mean that we had to run a working test ‘virtually’.

Please note that this was an unofficial test and winning the class does not qualify out of that class.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our working test. We have had so much fun watching these videos. We have seen some really lovely, very capable dogs, and equally some superb handlers!

Puppy (2 entries)

1st Lauren Broome with Benvellyn Amur Falcon of Evingbriar (UK)
2nd Aage Wilhelmsen with Jiggers Tarka Ann Bakue (Denmark)

Novice Dog/Novice Handler (9 entries)

1st Aimee Gardiner with Kulawand Kookaburra for Svenjak (UK)
2nd Suzi Tagg with Empire Glory Black Brianta at Oiyou (UK)
3rd Dena Swift with Skye (UK)
4th Aimee Gardiner with Bitcon Taylor Made for Svenjak (UK)

Novice (10 entries)

1st Vivienne Gatter with Pebbles (UK)
2nd and Judges Choice Kristof Jebsen with New-Era de la Source aux Elfes (Germany)
3rd Herma Ordelman with Maddistream Aduro Pink (Netherlands)
4th Anne Haley with Castlerock Return to Sender at Skybrook (UK)

The novice class was very strongly contested and the first two places in novice were separated by half a point, we were really splitting hairs! If anyone would like to know their scores, and if anyone would like feedback on why they were given a score, please do get in touch, we are only too happy to help! We do have rosettes for the award winners – please PM us your address and we can get them sent out 🙂

Judges: Chris and Caroline Hewison

We have very kindly been given permission to share Kristof Jebsen’s videos, who was running in the novice section of our on line test. I thought it might be useful for the novice dog/novice handlers to see the exercises and it was a pleasure to watch this team working together. Link to the videos

For class definitions and the exercises themselves, see the link below.

NEFRA’s 2nd Online Breed Show


Best In Show Wyrebeck Caught By Surprise

Best In Show 6 Wyrebeck Caught By Surprise


Best Opposite Sex 26 Blacktoft Dancing on Ice with Windyhollows (AI)

Best Puppy In Show 16 Calzeat Baby One More Time

Best Veteran In Show 13 Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd

Best Working In Show 12 Casblaidd Island in the Sky

Congratulations to everyone in the awards! Thank you very much to our Judge Val Orme for taking her day to judge the online entries and thank you to everyone that took the time to video and enter

Judges Report

My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge their virtual open show,and many thanks also to Charlotte for organising everything so efficiently. It was a very different experience judging a virtual show. It was harder than I had expected especially not being able to put hands on the dogs to confirm what you were seeing.

The quality of the videos was very varied and this did impact on the placings. Overall the quality of the entry was good but in some cases felt that the video didn’t do them justice. However I was pleased with all my class winners and especially my B.I.S, a young dog with a lot of potential.

Finally I would like to thank all the exhibitors for taking the time to video their dogs and trusting me for my opinion.


Two lovely dogs in this class belying their age.
1st HORNERS PAJANBECK MAGIC MOMENTS. An 11yr.old dog with a lot to like about him . Lovely moulded head with neat ears and good reach of neck into well laid back shoulder and level topline . Well constructed with prominent forechest and correct angulation. An elegant dog who moved soundly covering the ground well. BEST VETERAN DOG

2nd MR.A. & MRS F. COLSONS GLENDARUAL DANCING BRAVE (AI) Another 11ry. Old. Heavier in build than 1. Good head and ear set. Deep chested but not quite the front of 1. Good bend of stifle He moved well keeping a level topline.


1st BRIGHT`S HOPEVALLEY MORNING PHANTOM 8mnth. old stylish puppy at correct size for age.
He has a well moulded head with soft expression. Soundly built with good bone , a lovely reach of neck. good front angulation and moderate bend of stifle. He moved soundly. A promising puppy. BEST PUPPY DOG

2nd PRIOR`S GEMSWIN SHUT UP AND DANCE Another lovely puppy of 8mnths. In lovely coat and condition. He has a pleasing head and expression. Good depth of chest, appeared slightly longer bodied than 1. Moved out well keeping a level topline.



1st WILHELMSON`S JIGGARS TARKA ANN BAKUE Good head and eye . He has a good reach of neck which flows into lovely level topline and correct tail set. Reasonable front but would prefer a little more length in upper arm . He moved well in profile but a little close behind when moving away.


1st CROSSLEY`S WYREBECK CAUGHT BY SURPRISE Lovely balanced young dog . He has a super profile with ever wagging tail. Racy and well balanced with a lovely head .Good angulation to front and rear, with moderate bend of stifle . An elegant happy showman who moved true and covered the ground with a lovely free flowing action. Very pleased to award him BEST DOG AND BEST IN SHOW


1st ROMEO-DIESTE`S HOPEVALLEY MORNING CIRCUS Lovely young dog . Medium sized with a balanced outline. He has a lovely moulded head , good front assembly, balanced by moderate bend of stifle He moved out well keeping a level topline.

2nd TIERLING`S LIZZLOG MOONLIGHTING AT KARSHOLME. This young dog has a pleasing head and expression . Well built with a good forechest and depth of brisket. He was a little close behind moving away but moved well in profile keeping a level topline.


1st BELLAMY`S WOODFINCH MASQUERADE An enthusiastic young dog with an appealing head a kind eye . Prominent forechest and deep rib. Nicely balanced in profile with level topline, good front angulation and well angulated rear. Moved out well . Pushed hard for top honours but just preferred the elegant profile of the winner. RESERVE BEST DOG AND RESERVE BEST IN SHOW

2nd SALT`S TOCCATA OF HARLASTON WITH WETNOSES JW SH.CM Similar in type to I. Lovely well moulded head with soft expression. Looks lovely in profile with a well balanced outline. He has a good depth of chest and correct angulation front and rear with ever wagging tail. He moved out steadily but was a little wide in front.


1st HEWISON`S CASBLAIDD ISLAND IN THE SKY Well constructed dog, with prominent forechest and good depth of brisket .pleasing head with kind expression. Well laid back shoulders and good level topline. Muscular hindquarters with correct bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Balanced free flowing movement . BEST WORKING Dog and BEST WORKING IN SHOW


1st HEWISON`S DONASCIMENTO DANILO BY CASBLAIDD Standing alone but well worthy of her 1st place. Good head and soft expression. She has a lovely outline in profile , well balanced with a good front and strong quarters. Movement was straight and true keeping a lovely level topline in profile with ever wagging tail. BEST VETERAN BITCH AND BEST VETERAN IN SHOW


1st BARNETT`S PAJANBECK WELCOME TO MY WORLD AT ANNBECKS A lovely girl belying her age at almost 11. Lovely head with that typical flatcoat expression. Full of enthusiasm in lovely coat and condition . She presents a good outline in profile with a good reach of neck into level topline. She moved soundly covering the ground well.


Two lovely puppies in these next two classes,who both have excellent qualities.
1st ROMEO-DIESTE`S HOPEVALLEY MORNING WICKED Promising 8mnth. old puppy with everything to like. Correct size for age with a lovely moulded head and soft expression .Good length of neck with well placed shoulders. Well angulated front and moderate bend of stifle. Moved soundly with confidence


1st GUNSTEAD & NORMAN`S CALZEAT BABY ONE MORE TIME Another promising puppy of 8mnths . She presents a lovely profile standing with a lovely head and good reach of neck into super topline
Well made throughout with good tight feet . She moved well with a good driving movement. Close decision won on her overall balanced profile. BEST PUPPY BITCH AND BEST PUPPY IN SHOW


1st CROSSLEY’S WYREBECK SHES MY SURPRISE Elegant young liver bitch presenting a balanced outline in profile. Lovely head and good reach of neck ,level topline and good tailset. Good depth of chest and moderate bend of stifle. Movement was sound and freeflowing, covering the ground well.


1st LEAVY`S HOPEVALLEY MORNING SHINE OVER WYCHWIZARD Two litter sisters in this class and similar remarks apply. Lovely head with soft expression, Good reach of neck into level topline and well set on tail. She presents a lovely outline in profile . Moved out well with drive.

2nd RICHARDS HOPEVALLEY MORNING RIVER Well moulded head with dark eye. Balanced outline with good front angulation and moderate bend of stifle. Moved well but not quite the drive of her sister.


1st BURROUGHS` LEVELMOOR ALLO ALLO AVEC ROCANESS Nicely moulded feminine head .She has a prominent forechest with a good depth of brisket. Balanced in outline but I would prefer a little less weight. Moved soundly


1st THOMSON`S CACIS THE DREAM CATCHER @ BADCALL (IMP SWE) Mature looking bitch with lovely head and expression.Well constructed throughout with good front angulation and pronounced forechest with good depth. Good reach of neck leading into level topline , strong hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle. In good coat and condition. Moved well.

2nd BARNETT`S STEELRIVER ECHO BEACH AT ANNBECKS Presenting a lovely balanced profile standing and on the move . Feminine head with soft expression . Good length of neck into lovely level topline and well set on tail, not quite the front of 1. Moved out well with ever wagging tail .



1st COLSON`S BLACKTOFT DANCING ON ICE WITH WINDYHOLLOWS Feminine head with dark eye and lovely soft expression. She has good depth and width of brisket with a prominent forechest. Good front angulation and well muscled rear quarters with correct bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Carrying her tail a little high on the move today but didn’t detract from her overall balance. She moved well with drive. BEST BITCH AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX

2nd STOTT`S BITCONGIRL IN BLACK WITH LOROSIETTIE Mature well balanced bitch who looks to be carrying a little excess weight at the moment. Nicely moulded head and good length of neck .
She has a good angulation to front and rear with moderate bend of stifle . Moved out well on a good stride
keeping a level topline. Well handled by her junior handler.


1st ROMEO-DIESTE`S HOPEVALLEY MORNING RAINBOW Quality bitch presenting a lovely balanced outline in profile . She has a pretty head with soft expression. Well constructed throughout, with good width and depth of brisket , good front angulation balanced by good rear quarters. Moved soundly covering the ground well. RESERVE BEST BITCH

2nd GOULETTE`S ANNBECKS BRENNA AT BOBBINMILL Another quality bitch in good coat and condition . Lovely moulded head and dark eye. Well balanced in outline with good front and rear angulation,level topline and correct tailset .A little close behind when moving away but in profile moved freely covering the ground well .



1st COLSONS BLACKTOFT FROZEN IN TIME BY WINDYHOLLOWS Lively elegant bitch with a constantly wagging tail. Well constructed with a pleasing outline. Lovely well moulded head with dark eye . Good front angulation with prominent forechest and good width and depth of brisket. Well muscled hind quarters . Sound freeflowing movement.

2nd ROMEO -DIESTE`S HOPEVALLEY MORNING DAKOTA Well balanced bitch . Feminine head with soft expression and lovely reach of neck leading to level topline. Good front assembly with pronounced forechest and moderate bend of stifle. Lovely in profile and moved out soundly.



1st HEWISONS DONASCIMENTO DANILO FROM CASBLAIDD Medium sized bitch in super condition . Well ribbed up body with good angulation to front and rear, pronounced forechest and muscular hind quarters. Presented a lovely profile standing and on the move. Movement was straight and true.

Val Orme (Judge)

Small group training

NEFRA were delighted to have been able to host a gundog training day on the 10th April 2021. Our first outdoor event of our anniversary year.

The day was kindly hosted by the Welbeck estate near Worksop, Notts. By only offering places to small groups (to adhere to current government restrictions) we were able to provide participants with advice and exercises specific to the dog and handler.

Many Thanks to Garry, Andy and Chris for taking the classes and to Sue for dummy throwing.

This was particularly useful to beginners, and to those who haven’t managed to do much training during the course of the pandemic.

Once restrictions are lifted we hope to be able to return to full days with larger group sizes. We also look forward to being able to offer our famous, friendly, NEFRA hospitality of which we are very proud.

Hesketh Bank Training – 15th May 2021

Entries for the Hesketh Bank training day are now open. Training sessions are HALF-DAY only.

Please complete the online form first – we will try to accommodate as many participants as possible whilst maintaining a Covid-19 secure environment. One dog per handler, no mixing of groups. Places may be limited, in which case these will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Angela Miller

Some more sad news….we are very sorry to have to let you know that Angela Miller (of the Keepersend affix) has passed away after a long illness. She held the position of Nottinghamshire Area rep for the FRS for a long time and gave willingly of her time and knowledge.A good friend to many in the flatcoat world and always there with a kind word and a ready laugh. We send our condolences to Angela’s family

Angela Miller’s Funeral

We would like to thank everyone for their kind messages, cards and flowers – it has been overwhelming, thank you.

Unfortunately, due to current Covid restrictions, we are sorry to announce that funeral attendance is by individual invitation only. We have also been asked by the funeral directors to advise everyone that additional mourners are not even permitted to stand outside.

Angela wanted family flowers only for the ceremony please. If anyone would like make a donation in her memory, E Gill and Sons Funeral Directors,55 Albert Street, Newark, NG24 4BQ (01636 677461) are taking a collection for the Flatcoated Retriever Society Rescue Rehousing & Welfare Scheme. This will remain open after the funeral until the 17th of March. Thank you all for your understanding at this difficult time. Sarah, Richard & Richard.

Rob Ashcroft

The NEFRA committee are deeply saddened by the news that today we have lost a much-loved and long-standing member and committee member, Mr Rob Ashcroft (Keepersway).
Rob had been an active member of the association for many years, joining our committee way back in 2003. He enjoyed participating in both working and show activities with great success. He recently judged our last championship show in 2019 (photo).

Rob Ashcroft with our winners and co-judge Mrs Jenny Morgan at the NEFRA Championship Show 2019

Our thoughts are with Lorraine and his family.

For those wishing to stream Rob’s funeral here is the link you will need.
The service is Monday 08/02/2021 at 14:30 / Order ID: 72637Password: zazkyccn