Anniversary Open Show Results

NEFRA’s Open Show
As a part of NEFRA’s (postponed) 25th Anniversary Celebration Weekend
Venue: Hayes Farm, Newstead Village, NG15 0BD
Judge: Mrs R Tierling (Karaholme)

OPEN SHOW CLASSES – Judge’s Critiques

(Stakes Classes critiques: here)

I wish to thank the hardworking committee of NEFRA for staging this fantastic weekend.  My initial invitation to judge the NEFRA Open show goes back over three years to judge the 2020 show and of course Covid struck.  I was then invited to judge the 2021 which would have been the 25th anniversary show and again Covid struck.  I felt very honoured to be invited to judge the 2022 show which also included the 25th anniversary celebration which was a fantastic weekend and blessed by great weather.

Thank you to the exhibitors who took my decisions with good grace and it was lovely to hear classes being applauded.   Also thank you to my two wonderful stewards – Charlotte Smith and Steve Jubb who did a great job.

Minor Puppy Dog – 1 (ab 1)

Puppy Dog – 1 (ab 1)

Junior Dog – No entries

Yearling Dog – 1

1st – Prior’s – Gemswin Shut Up and Dance.  19 months old lovely boy who would insist on pacing when moving however I did manage to see enough movement without pacing. Good head and expression and neat ears.  Nice reach of neck ample bone and lovely feet.  He carried his topline level and with a very happy wagging tail.  Liked his overall balance.  Quite exuberant – well handled.

Novice Dog – 2 (ab1)

1st – Shepherdson’s – Murphy’s Treat.  Liver dog 3 years old.  Finer type.  Nice head and expression with neat ears.  Good mouth with correct bite. Straight front legs leading to good feet.  Nice reach of neck and carried a level topline on the move with an ever wagging tail.  Moved well.  At one with his handler – well handled.

Graduate Dog – 1

1st – Shepherdson’s – Murphy’s Treat.

Post Graduate Dog – 3

1st – Romeo-Dieste’s – Hopevally Morning Circus.  Lovely boy 2.5 years old.  Liked his head and expression, correct bite, neat ears, excellent feet, level topline, well sprung rib cage with good bend of stifle.  He moved well – well handled.

2nd – Buckley’s – Steelriver Hit The Beach With Buckleyhill.  3 years old.  Very masculine head with neat ears.  He had a good front and excellent bone with a good depth of chest.  Level topline with a good tailset and a nice short tail.  Moved ok – well handled.

Limit Dog – 5 (1 ab)

1st – Hopkinson & Trevor’s – Trevorsilk Galaxy Alzato.  Liver dog 5 years old very masculine.  Good head and eye, nice reach of neck, excellent dept of chest and good front.  Ample bone throughout.  Good length of upper arm and laid back shoulder.  Moved true both fore and aft.  Well handled. 

2ndSatinblaze Cracksman for Blacktoft – Good head and expression.  Good length of upper arm and laid back shoulder.  Lovely bone, he had a good depth of chest, correct length of loin, level topline leading into a short tail.  Well muscled – moved ok.

Open Dog – 1

1stCasblaidd Island In The Sky SGWC KCWGC – 4 years old and loving life!  Beautiful masculine head with a dark eye and typical expression, ears well set.  Good mouth.  Nice reach of neck leading into level topline.  Good length of upper arm and shoulder which showed in his reaching free flowing movement.  Lovely bone.  Good depth of chest with his elbows tucked in and a lovely front.  Correct spring of rib.  Good bend of stifle, well muscled.  He moved sound and true both fore and aft.  Fit for function.  Very happy disposition – loved him!  Well handled.  Very pleased to award him BD and BIS.

Veteran Dog – 1

1st –  Fox’s –  Black Mica’s Likes It Hot At Blacktoft.  8 years old – Lovely head with dark eye and neat ears.  Well boned, good front leading into excellent feet.  Good deep chest, level topline leading into a short wagging tail.  Good bend of stifle, well muscled.  Lovely mover and covered the ground with ease.  Pleased to award him BVD, BVIS and RBD.

Special Veteran Dog – 2

1st – March’s – Black Aqua Bjornson.  10 years old coming up for 11.  Very lively and belied his age only the frosting on his chin gave it away.  Lovely masculine head with dark eye and correct ear set.  Good dentition.  Lovely coat.  Good bone and straight front legs.  Correct length of upper arm and shoulder, level topline and tailset.  Moved with drive and enthusiasm.  Well handled by his young handler – who I learned afterward was both hers and his first show.  Well done!

2nd – McQuillan’s – Gemswin Black Majic.  11.5 years old!  Good head and expression.  Lovely quality bone, good depth of chest.  He carried a level topline which went into his happy wagging tail.  He moved steadily around the ring.   He was handled with care by his owner.  Amazing!

Special Liver Dog – 3

1st – Hopkinson & Trevor’s – Trevorsilk Galaxy Alzato – Best Liver in show.

2nd – Hewison’s –  Casblaidd Very Ernest.  6 years old.  Lovely shade of liver.  Good head and eye, lovely front and deep chest, good shoulder and upper arm.  Well boned.  He carried a level topline leading into his wagging tail.  He just didn’t want to show today.  Well handled.

 Minor Puppy Bitch – 4 (2 ab)

Both lovely babies.

1st – McQuade’s – Gemswin River of Dreams.  8 months old.  Very pretty with feminine head, dark eye and small neat ears.  Lovely front leading into excellent tight feet.  Good reach of neck.  Nice lay of shoulder and upper arm.  She carried a level topline and had a good tailset.  Good bend of stifle.  Moved well around the ring true both fore and aft – very confident.  Well handled.

2nd – Harley’s – Friia Lusun Bring Me Sunshine to Arrowhill NAF.  Just 6 months old and at her first show.  Very much a baby. Slightly smaller than 1st.   Very feminine with dark eye, good expression and neat ears.  Excellent feet, good reach of neck and carried a level topline.  Good movement and very happy on the move. Handled with kindness –  I understand her handler wasn’t her owner and had only met a short while before the class.  Only maturity separated these two.

Puppy Bitch – 9 (5 ab)

1st – Hewison’s – Selloana Monoceros.  11 months old and growing into a lovely young bitch.   Very feminine with lovely head dark eye and ears well set.  Lovely reach of neck, laid back shoulder and good length of upper arm.  Deep chest.  Ample bone.  Level topline, good length of loin, nice bend of stifle, well muscled.  Tail correctly set and she carried her tail level when moving.  Moved with purpose around the ring and was straight and true both fore and aft.  She was very happy and at one with her handler.  BPIS

Junior Bitch – 1

1st – Hewison’s – Selloana Monoceros.  

Yearling Bitch – 1 (1 ab)

Novice Bitch – 2 (2 ab)

Graduate Bitch – 2 

1st – Haley’s – Skybrook Honey Honey.  Just 4 years old.  Nice head and expression.  Good bone throughout, straight front legs and excellent feet.  Nice deep chest with good length of shoulder, which was laid back, and upper arm.  Good length of loin and bend of stifle.  Well muscled.  Moved well with precision and drive.  Carried her tail level when on the move.  Well handled.  RBB

2nd – Jones’ – Benvellyn Amethyst Sunbird.  Another lovely bitch.  Feminine head and expression with small neat ears.  She had a lovely coat.  However today she didn’t want to stand (it was very hot) and she was unsettled on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch – 4 (2 ab)

1st – Salt’s – Levelmoor Blackadder.  3 years old.  Very racy in outline.  Feminine head and expression, good reach of neck, nice front and deep chest.  Good spring of rib, level topline, nice bend of stifle and well muscled rear.  Moved well around the ring with a level tail.  Well handled.

2nd – Welch’s – Stranfaer Lyin’Eyes.  Another very femine bitch.  Lovely head and expression excellent bone and fab feet.  Good bone, deep chest, well sprung ribs. Good coat. Level topline. Moved well however she wilted in the heat.  Well handled.

Limit Bitch – 7 (3 ab)

Lovely class – all great movers

1st – Gale’s – Willowswind Nette Lark JW.  6 years old.  Very feminine.  Loved her head and expression with dark eye and good dentition.  Nice reach of neck.  Good length of upper arm and lay of shoulder.  Deep chest.  Ample bone with straight front legs leading into good tight feet.  Correct ribcage – ribs which were well sprung.  Level topline with tail correctly set.  Nice bend of stifle.  She moved round the ring with ease and a happy disposition.  At one with her handler.  Pleased to award her BB and RBIS.

2nd – Salt’s – Levelmoor Acorn Antiques Via Wetnoses.  Finer than first.  Another very feminine bitch with lovely head and soft expression.  Good dentition.  Great front and tight feet.  Good reach of neck.  Level topline which she held when moving.  She too moved round the ring with ease and a happy disposition.  Well handled.

Open Bitch – 5 (2 ab)

Lovely class

1stIR Sh Ch Annbecks Ailis at Aughnaleck IR Jun Ch CW16 CJW16 CW17.  Lovely bitch coming up for 7 years of age.  Lovely head and expression – very pretty.  Good front and deep chest, with straight front legs.  Good reach of neck, well laid back shoulder.  Level topline, good length of loin, well bent stifle.  Moved well and was very happy.  Well handled.

2nd – Jones’ – Blacktoft Sapphire Ice at Benvellyn (AI).    Very pretty five years old bitch with an excellent front, good bone and feet.  She had a deep chest, good ribcage and a lovely coat.  She carried her level topline when moving and good tail carriage.  Showed well.

Veteran Bitch 8 (2 ab)

I have written ‘fab class’ in my notes – I don’t think anyone had told these girls they were veterans!

1st – Hewison’s – Donascimento Danilo From Casblaidd SGWC KCWGC.  9 years old.  Lovely feminine head and expression with dark eye, good mouth.  She had an excellent front, good bone and tight feet.  Good length of upper arm and laid back shoulder.  Level topline, good bend of stifle and length of loin.  Very sound and happy on the move.  Only slight frosting gave the game away.  Well handled.  BVB

2nd – Bellamy’s – Ch Woodfinch Hydra JW.  7 years old who also had a lovely feminine  head and expression with a dark eye and small neat ears.  Ample bone and good tight feet.  Depth of chest, level topline and an ever wagging tail.  Sound mover and very happy.  Handled well.

Special Veteran Bitch – 1

1st – Hewisons’s –  Kywidden Mally Trevisky from Casblaidd.  12 years old wow!  Lovely head and expression with nice dark eye and good ear set.  Great front with good bone and feet.  Good deep chest.  Very sound mover with an ever wagging tail.  Handled with care – fabulous!

Special Liver Bitch – 2

1st – Hewison’s – Casblaidd Tea Leaf.  5th in Veteran Bitch.  Feminine girl with good head and eye.  Neat ears.  Good bone, excellent feet.  She carried her topline level on the move with good tail carriage.  Well handled.

2nd – Trevor’s – Trevorsilk Galaxy Aurora.  – Slightly darker than 1st – again very feminine with good front, ample bone.  Deep chest.  Moved well – just preferred the topline of the 1st.  Well handled.

Ros Tierling (Karaholme)


STAKES CLASSES – Judge’s Critiques

Firstly I would like to congratulate the NEFRA committee and all the helpers for all their effort in putting on such a wonderful event. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying all the different activities with such a lovely atmosphere. 

It was a pleasure to be able to judge the stakes classes and I was very pleased with the lovely entry of quality dogs some of whom unfortunately had to go cardless but could easily have changed places on another day. 


1st. HEWISON`S SELLOANA MONOCEROS  At 11mnths. old this lovely young bitch is showing plenty of promise . Correct size for age with well moulded feminine head, kind dark eye with soft expression and neat well set on ears. Lovely well balanced overall shape with good angulation front and rear. Good reach of neck and level topline. Moved well.

2nd. HARLEY`S FRIIA LUSUN BRING ME SUNSHINE NAF  This 6mnth little girl is still very much a baby, but having said that she was not at all phased by being in the ring and stood very well for me to go over her. She has a lovely head with appealing expression, good construction throughout, level topline and ever wagging tail. Moved well around the ring .


There were some lovely dogs in this class which made it hard to chose and was splitting hairs n my final decisions. 

1st. BELLAMY`S SH.CH.WOODFINCHMASQUERADE A 3yr.old dog who I did well in the virtual Open Show that Nefra held in 2021 so it was nice to be able to put hands on and reaffirm what I had seen last year. He is a well constructed dog with a lovely balanced outline. A handsome young boy with king eye. Prominent forechest with good bone and lovely tight feet . Moved well with drive. 

2nd. GALE`S WILLOWSWIND NETTE LARK JW  6yr.old bitch with a lovely head and soft expression. Good front assembly and gradual spring of rib to well angulated hind quarters with correct bend of stifle. Another with excellent tight feet, moving freely round the ring. 


A lovely class of veterans who belie their age .

1st. HEWISON`S DONASCIMENTO DANILO FROM CASBLAIDD SGWC KCWGC A lovely 9yr. old bitch of correct size. Pretty feminine head with kind eye. Presenting a lovely balanced outline. Well constructed with good front and rear angulation , good depth of brisket and prominent forechest .Well muscled hindquarters.  Moved soundly with drive. 

2nd. EGGINTON`S PAJANBECK I PUT A SPELL ON YOU  Another lovely bitch of 7yrs. She has a lovely feminine head with dark kind eye. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulder and level topline, correct angulation to front and rear with moderate bend of stifle . Moved well but not quite the drive of 1.

Judge- Val Orme