NEFRA Virtual Show 2020 – Judge’s Critique – Dogs

I was so looking forward to judging the dogs at the 2020 NEFRA Championship show, but due to Covid-19 the show was understandably cancelled.

To be asked to judge dogs at this virtual show instead was a lovely thought, so I thank the committee for planning the day and for all the hard work involved. 

My co judge, Jane Jones, and I were in agreement for all the final awards. It was certainly different to have this conversation over the phone instead of together in the middle of the ring. 

Finally, thank you to the exhibitors for taking the time to make their videos. Having taken part in another virtual show I can appreciate how difficult it is to get the filming just right. 

Veteran Dog (1)

1st Windyhollows Ragamuffin

Balanced boy showing no signs of being a veteran with a typical Flatcoat naughty attitude. He has a pleasing head with dark eye. He has good depth to his rib and good length of upper arm. On the move he is true going away from food rear quarters but slightly wide coming towards. He is in full coat which completes the picture. 

Special Veteran (2)

1st Pajanbeck Magic Moments

This boy scores in head and expression. Super moulded head with lovely dark eye of almond shape and neat ears and correct scissor bite. His neck flows into his shoulders and to his level top line. Good front and rear angulation. Deep rib ex bone and substance. Ok rear, good coat low tail but looks set correctly. Lacks animation. Moved true and covered the ground. 

2nd Elmstock Echos Of Thyme Over Rokaness

Stronger all through than 1. Nice head with good eye colour and neat ears. He balanced angulation front and rear with well developed thigh. He has excellent bone and tight feet which is lovely to see on a special veteran. His tail comes straight off his back and is constantly wagging. On the move he was not as true as 1 but has a good outline in profile. 

Minor Puppy (3)

1st Wyrebeck Caught By Surprise

Super balanced pup. Lots of bone and great coat. Pleasing head and eye. Lovely reach of neck to well laid shoulders. Good topline which flowed nicely in to his well set tail, which never stopped wagging. His rear is moderately angulated and he has a deep rib. He has enough bone for his size and tight feet. He moved true going and coming and in profile covered lots of ground. A promising puppy. 

2nd Benvellyn Natal Nightjar

This baby has a lot to like, he is just not as forward as 1 at the moment. Another good head and eye with a naughty expression. He is a little more up on his legs. He is moderately angulated. His tail is correctly set from his level topline. On the move he is steady, he enthusiastic tail action occasionally throwing his rear movement 

3rd Benvellyn Amur Falcon of Evingbriar

Puppy (2) 2 nice puppies with little to split them

1st Flatcharm Mayhem Miller

A super young dog who has a beautifully moulded head. He flows from his neck all the way to his correctly set tail. He has a good return of upper arm, although I would like a little more length. He is deep in rib and has correct length of body. His rear angulation is moderate and he has a well developed thigh. He moved well once settled. In lovely coat and feathering. Best Puppy Dog and with my co judge Best Puppy In Show. 

2nd Pajanbeck Shall We Dance 

Another lovely puppy who has good bone and substance. A slightly finer head than one. He has a good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm but again would again like to see more length. His rear angulation matches his front and he is short in the hock. On the move he was steady and carried a good topline. 

Junior (1)

1st Lizzlog Moonlighting at Karaholme This young man will need time. Pleasing head and expression. He needs to firm up in topline, but this will come as he matures. He has a good tailset and this was carried correctly. When on the move he was a little distracted by his lead but he was steady and once settled moved nice.

Yearling (4) Nice youngsters, all at different stages of development

1st Hightyne Unforgettable at Braemist

A young dog who appealed in his balanced outline. His head is beautifully moulded with neat ears. He has good reach of neck from his well constructed front with correct length and return of upper arm. He is well developed through the body and is moderately angulated at the rear with quality bone. He moved straight coming and going and showed good ground coverage in profile driving from his short hocks. 

2nd Woodfinch Masquerade 

Another nice dog and a tough decision between the first two. He appeared larger in frame than 1. Pleasing head with good eye shape. Nicely laid shoulder, deep rib and well angulated rear. Level topline leading to his correctly set tail, which I preferred over 1. On the move he was slightly distracted which caused him to be a bit erratic. 

3rd Aust Ch Blacqlabel Stares N Whisprs AI

Novice (2)

1st Pajanbeck Rewrite The Stars 

This chap is just a baby. He has a good neck and shoulders with quality bone. His topline needs to strengthen but this should come with time. His coat is in lovely condition and he was very happy on the move in true puppy style. 

2nd Lizzlog Moonlighting at Karaholme

Graduate (1)

1st Manteauplat Tom Plutt

An attractive dog with good bone and profuse coat. Moderately angulated with deep enough rib and he holds himself well. Standing I would like a little more animation, but he moves with accuracy going away, just giving his handler a hard time coming towards. 

Post Graduate (1)

1st Kazval Lugano at Torrweaving 

A rangy, but balanced dog with a strong topline and deep rib. He has good length in his body and well developed first thigh. I would like a little more refinement to his head. He moved well going away and in profile although he was little proud of his tail. 

Limit (2)

1st Miracles Happen Oasis Of Peace

Nothing exaggerated about this dog, each part flowing in to the next. Pleasing head and correct scissor bite. He is well proportioned with good angulation both front and rear, he looks deep enough in rib and has good bone. He moves true both ways and ok in profile though I would like more reach. 

2nd Toccata Of Harlaston With Wetnoses JW ShCM

Of a different type to the winner and I preferred his head and eye. He stands proudly with a constantly wagging tail. He is mature through the body, with good shoulders and length of upper arm. He was steady on the move but was a little wide in front. 

Open (1)

1st Diamante Blu Nella Mia Stanza

Presents a beautiful outline standing, he has a typical moulded head and kind dark eye. Quality bone and tight feet. Pronounced fore chest and good shoulders. Level top line and moderately turned rear. He moved true up and down and had extension behind in profile although he did slightly drop his topline and was quite proud of his tail. Despite this I was pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog. 

Champion (0)

Liver (0)

Working (1)

1st Casblaidd Island In The Sky 

There’s nothing exaggerated about this boy. He has well placed shoulders and good length to his upper arm. He’s deep in body and has quality bone. He has correct length to his rib and short loin with a well turned stifle with short hocks. His tail is correctly set and carried. When he moved he did steadily and economically, nothing flashy about him. He is in full mature coat to finish the picture. Pleased to award him Best Dog and Best Working in Show. 

Mandy Romeo-Dieste