Working Retriever Assessments

Today NEFRA were delighted to have been invited back to Sarah Marflow’s land near Wigan. Sarah is a perfect host and her land has got just everything we could wish for to host these assessments.

In the morning Caroline Hewison and Val Orme assessed the novice dogs with an obedience exercise, a water retrieve, a marked retrieve on land and an unseen retrieve on land.

Passes were awarded to the following:

Al Moore with Sachbash Prince Olly Moore
Chris Hewison with Casblaidd Mirror Lake
Mags Brayfield with Keamarola Private Dancer
Charlotte Smith with Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere
Garry Ellison with Ollersett Black Knight
Anne Haley with Castlerock Return to Sender at Skybrook

In the afternoon Garry Ellison and Chris Hewison assessed the Intermediate dogs with a double mark retrieve with heel work in a walk-up exercise, a unseen retrieve with a distraction marked retrieve, an unseen retrieve over a stream and a double marked retrieve exercise where two dummies were thrown into Sarah’s beautiful pond. Despite some excellent retrieves unfortunately none of these dogs were able to reach the required standard to pass their assessments today.

We would like to thank Sarah, the assessors and their helpers and would also like to thank Lisa-Jane Mappin who helped us arrange the day. Lisa has recently joined our working committee and has set up her own fantastic new dog training hall in Wigan. This hall is not far from the M6. Anyone who is interested in attending her classes may want to follow this link.